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HomeSeer is 20 Years Old!

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      Originally posted by niclas_82 View Post
      As an FYI, you can edit your own post. There should be a link in your post called "Edit".
      HS 1965 Devices 1146 Events
      Z-Wave 122 Nodes on one Z-Net


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        Found it! Thanks


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          Congratulations! Love your platform.

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            I missed out on the first year, but started with HS 1.4 in late 2000. There was a 7 year period where I didn't even really touch the system (kids, travel, etc.) and it just kept on ticking. I had a renaissance a few years ago when we moved into a new house, and I've been actively developing plugins, expanding my system, and improving the user experience in my house ever since. Never been happier


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              Congratulations on 20 years!

              I really do appreciate the fairly solid backend. I think there have been many places for improvements that were dismissed over the years, but there was likely some reason. (We just weren't always privy to those reasons) Just one example... making homeseer run as a service or making it easy to install to launch automatically. Homeseer has never been for someone who's not technically inclined, but some missing very very basic features. It's still the best out there despite any of my feelings of shortcomings.

              I'd like to chirp on the interface... Many years ago with version 3.... jquery controls were added and abused.... having to click on a textbox only to have a popup so I can then click on the textbox in the popup and change it has never ever been good or modern... This should have been caught by QA or someone saying hey, why is this harder than just a normal textbox, like everyone else is using. Jquery controls were supposed to help, not hurt. I don't care if it's super pretty and sexy so much as it works well and the user experience isn't this awful... Backend first, user experience needs to be second. I'm certain I wasn't the only person complaining about this.

              I've played a little with homeseer mobile. Doesn't support swiping between dashboards and had too many bugs in it for it to be useful to me. Giant boxes that when you click on it brings up a popup showing "Show Device Info, Edit Widget, Delete Widget" instead of turning on and off a light isn't very user friendly. Sometimes the toggle doesn't even show up. The usefulness and usability isn't aw some...yet, I have hopes that it will be. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of growth in the mobile space.

              If there is anything homeseer can do in the next 20 years better, I would say be more attentive to the users and the user experience. Assign a project manger to each product, have that person available and approachable for suggestions in the forums.... Have them respond often... get those items that are in queue being worked on back into the public's view, so it doesn't feel like a black hole. 99% of my frustration at times could have been solved by some insight into if my suggestions were even being heard.

              Remember the customer, demo beta products to them often, show them what irons are on the fire. Blogs, release notes, schedules etc. If you don't include them all the time when building a product, you build the wrong product every time. Big and visible.

              If that transparency isn't there it's really hard to stay positive when you're asking for something basic and it's feels like you're being ignored.

              Joe (zimmer62)

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                Congratulations! I'm proud to be a member of this community and I look forward to the next 20 years!


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                  I didn't realize I'd been in on the ground floor.
                  At the time I'd gotten fed up with Active Home (X10) and was only looking around one evening, for some alternative I could use to automate a few events without running out of space in the CM11. I think there were other limitations, but it's been a long time. Actually, I wasn't impressed that with HS I'd have to leave the computer running all the time, but I got over that quickly.
                  I looked at several other softwares and just happened to try Homeseer, and liked it, so I bought in once my trial of 1.6 (I think it was) expired. And, to this day, despite a few frustrations along the way, here I stayed.
                  Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


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                    Wow, my post is not much differant then Wadenut's post above. Except I started a bit earlier, When there wasn't even an updater. My updates.txt states for HS. I remember talking with Rich about his new product and what it could do. I couldn't believe that was around back then, switching from the CM11a to a PC processing events was simply amazing to me. Like Wadenut, having a PC on 24/7 was strange, but soon turned into a heater for the basment.

                    Great times Rich, all the best!


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                      Originally posted by rjh View Post
                      Thanks for the all the kind words! We have come a long way!

                      Actually I am not in either of the previous 2 Expo pictures, in there are Rick and Geoff, the first 2 employees and I my wife Karen. I am next to Karen in the dinner picture.

                      We will look into some shirts, good idea!

                      Yup, I see Rich, Karen and Tink.

                      And if you really want to know how old I am and how long I've run HS, I'm the 2nd on the left in front. The handsome dude with the 'then' black hair.

                      Also, as I remember it, the picture was taken in Orlando and I'm the one that suggested we go out to dinner. Everyone at the table pitched in and we bought Rich and Karen their dinner.


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                        Originally posted by langenet View Post

                        Are you sure about HS 1.9?? I bought it at 1.6.x, then upgraded. I remember the last V1 version as being 1.7.44.
                        I am still running V1.7.44 and it still works. I bought V2 but never implemented it because I really didn't like the Web based interface compared to V1's application type interface. I am now in the process of moving to V3 since it can and does run on the PI which makes things much easier than hunting down old PC's to load old unsupported versions of Windows on to run it. Just about all of my current equipment is X-10 based but any new and replacement stuff will be ZWave so I guess it's time to upgrade.