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Unused Plug-in Modules as a Remove or Not to Remove...that is the question?

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    Unused Plug-in Modules as a Remove or Not to Remove...that is the question?

    I was wondering from other homeseer users input on the plug in modules or appliance plug in modules on the Zwave network when not in use.

    I have the S6 Pro...with HomeSeer plug in modules. I used about 10 of them around Christmas time, for interior scenes and such. Now that is after the holidays, I will just unplug them and put them in a box until the holiday season again.. I created elaborate events/scenes, and network optimization creating routes and neighbors to my Zwave network. With the modules unplugged, the system will poll for status and come back with an unknown status. or errors in the logs and hometrollers general operation to those nodes that are now inactive.

    While I can easily disable the events I have set for the appliances modules, and run a new full optimization (without them plugged in). I feel like they will be showing up on my network as unknown status, for the next 10 months.

    I can remove the nodes, and add them back during the holidays season and create new events. Just seems like more work later again.

    Just curious what recommendations or practices you all use in the situation where you want to have your system running clean without HS3 looking for these unplugged modules. I also plan to hide each Christmas related module/node from mobile views, so they no loner appear on my list of devices from my 3rd party app The Home Remote:

    I do not want to see unused devices for the next 10 months congesting my device list. I'm eager to hear what other users would recommend.


    I create a room in the Device Management page called aaSpare Devices. I put any of my unused devices in it. That way they are easy to filter out. I used to call it zzSpare Devices, but then it was in the bottom of the list which made it harder to deselect. You could also hide the devices and then press the button to not show hidden devices.
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