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Web page that forces Safari to refresh

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    Web page that forces Safari to refresh

    I have this art display page that is updated by HS3 on a regular basis with a fresh new picture from an inventory of about 500 art pictures.

    courtesy of w.vuyk

    I want to display the art on an older iPad running Safari browser. It does work wonderfully however same picture stays forever until someone manually clicks the browser to refresh and show the current image. Is it possible to somehow put the image in a web page that forces Safari to refresh each time the image changes.

    I tried HSTouch without success mainly because the new versions will not run on an older iPad.

    I think you need to create a webpage that refreshes itself and it should include the link to the picture? I am no HTML wizzard, but this article points to a howto:

    It is about using the header: <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="15">
    -- Wim

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      Thanks, Wim.

      Unfortunately I'm at ground zero of web design. Nada, nothing. I can setup and run a web server but putting web pages on it is beyond me. So if someone can come up with detailed instructions and code it will be appreciated, otherwise my art collection will be displayed in a manual mode :-(