I'm not really sure where to post this...hope this is OK...

I have several ZWN-SC7 scene controller and they basically work fine. I'd made some labels for all of them and that kind of works, but it's a hassle when you want to change a button function. There's also the wear issue. For instance, one is in the kitchen and gets used while cooking, A little olive oil works great at making the label blank again . I love the Homeseer 200+ toggles and have a dozen or so of those, but not for everything since I can't remember every single thing I program them to do unless I use that function on "that" switch often. That complexity doesn't really have a lot of "wow factor" from my better half either.

What I'm looking for is something like this...so I could program/change the labels as needed...and they would not wipe or peel off


It looks to be discontinued and not even sure if it would have worked with HS.

I could use small tablets and HSTouch, but one I don't want to buy them all and I really want this to basically fit in a light switch electrical box.

Does ANYBODY make anything like this...and of course works with HS.

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