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Date is Not condition?

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  • Date is Not condition?

    Is there anyway to use a condition that relies on it NOT being an date?

    I'm basically looking for something like this
    If the Time is 12:00:00
    And If the Date is not 03/20/y

    Then blablabla

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    I can think of a couple of ways that might do what you want.

    One requires two conditions:
    If the Time is 12:00:00
    And If the date is before 3/20/Y

    Or If the Time is 12:00:00
    And If the date is after 3/20/Y

    The other requires a virtual device and two events.
    One event turns on the device on 3/19
    Another event turn it off on 3/20
    You'd use the state of the virtual device as a condition.
    If the Time is 12:00:00
    And If <device> is off
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      OK, i was doing it with the before and after rules was just hoping there was a simpler way to keep my events cleaner. Thanks.