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  • Repetitive e-mail notification

    I was trying to set up an e-mail trigger to let me know when a garage door lock had been left open for longer than 20 minutes.
    - the event seemed simple enough to setup
    - however, once the e-mail was sent - it was a rapid fire succession of e-mails until the door was locked or the even deleted
    - I didn't want the lock to automatically re-lock - I leave that door open in the summers when working around the yard. The notification was really designed as alert when kids leave the door open.
    - I have read several instructions on how to set up the events - including set up of AND IF/OR IF events
    - didn't really help - just wanted one e-mail to let me know the door has been unlocked for twenty minutes

    My work around
    - created a virtual device for the lock.
    - had the virtual device status change with the lock
    - have an email event for the change of status in the virtual device
    - this sends the one e-mail

    Wondering if anyone could give me some insight as why setting up a timed event for status change on the actual lock sends rapid fire e-mails

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    I'm assuming that you had as the trigger door lock has been "open for at least 20 minutes". That trigger will continue to be true and fire until the door is closed, so the behavior you saw was as expected. A virtual device is a good work around, the other options are setting the event so that it can't re-run for x minutes, or selecting "open for exactly 20 minutes" as your trigger.
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      Setting trigger for exactly 20 minutes...doh!! I really should have seen that.
      That's perfect. Thanks