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Need help but don't know if this is right forum

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  • Need help but don't know if this is right forum

    Using JSON in Tasker to control HS devices. On the latest one I addeed (ZA-PL-100) I can control it OK with the HS web interface and via HSTouch. But using the task in tasker, I get the following message in the log:
    SON controldevicebyvalue ref 422 value not found
    I know the 422 is the device id in HS. If I replace the 422 with the id for another device it works fine, but
    withthe 422 or the new device I get the above error.
    Can anyone help??

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    Don’t use talker, but could it be the value you are trying to set rather than the ref number? For example are you setting 422 to text while 422 properties are expecting a number. Another idea is with ownership of 422. If it is a plugin then CAPI is used to control it.


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      422 is a z-wave appliance type moduler and the other module that works is a z-wave wall switch. I have many other z-wave appliance modules that I control with tasker using the ID and JSON. It makes no sense to me.


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        Figured it out. The problem was not that it didn't recognize the device ID. It didn't recognize the value for setting the device. I was sending 100 for on an the device was set up to be 255 for on. Problem fixed..