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Anybody here use tile? Maybe a plugin idea.

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  • Anybody here use tile? Maybe a plugin idea.

    I lknow Home assistant has a component for tile.. but it does not have so much function... or it just does not work.

    I found this:

    What I would like to do , is to be able to ring any tile in the house, but with Homeseer. Opening the tile app.... searching for the tile is long.
    Alexa do not always works... ( even if my phone is at two feet from my keys)
    Also, alexa is not able to find my cats ( yes two cats have a tile on their collar ) by their name. She is just able to find generic things like keys, etc.

    Here is the HA tile component :

    A local system would be nice. Maybe another device would have better options?

    But what is nice about tile is that it can find my keys when i'm not home.. So... A local local ''api', for when i'm home, would be nice if this works.

    This guy seems to have the same need as me

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    I do and think the BLE discussions may apply.