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Least Expensive Way to interface Multiple Dry Contact?

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  • Least Expensive Way to interface Multiple Dry Contact?

    I've been using Ecolink for and window sensors to interface dry contact closure. I don't need a relay. I prefer a plug-in device like Mimo2+. But that device is somewhat pricey and has complaints concerning the Homeseer interface. A POE IP device would be ideal, although z-wave is good too. Any suggestions?

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    Depends on the scale you are talking about. I use an Elk M1 security system for dry contact input because it can handle over 200 inputs and the cost per input is low compared to platforms that only support 1 or 8 or 16 inputs.


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      As mentioned an alarm panel is a great way to go for this. I have a Concord 4 panel hooked to my HS system. All my doors have hard wired sensors in the door jams. Also have hard wired motion detectors and water sensors. As an additional benefit you get an alarm system.


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        I posted this yesterday in a different thread, but might be worth looking into...

        Not Z-Wave, but.... If you have a Zigbee controller (SmartThings, Hubitat, Conbee/deCONZ), then the Xiaomi water sensor is basically a normally open (NO) dry contact. The Xiaomi sensor has 2 screws on the back side that you can hook leads to for dry contact closure. The water sensor is waterproof and immersible, so outdoor deployment is possible. However in that case the contacts should be covered with a silicon sealant to prevent false triggers from water contact.

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        I have caught them on sale in the past for well under $15, so it's hard to beat the price. And battery life should be in the 3 - 5 year range.