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Homeseer vs Indigo

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  • Homeseer vs Indigo

    I'm currently trying to decide on the platform for automating my new house, and the choice has come down to either Homeseer or Indigo. Both seem like solid choices, but there seem to be very little comparison reviews about the two - just a few posts from several years back, so probably somewhat outdated by now. I'm a Mac user myself, so Indigo seems a logical choice in this regard, but Homeseer does give the impression of being slightly more flexible and powerful, so I tend to lean towards that, albeit the interface does look pretty awful for 2019.

    So, if anyone here has used both extensively (or recently switched) and can point out the main differences or shortcomings compared to the other, that would be very helpful.

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    I think it is to much different platform for beeing used by the same user over time...

    But i am also curious .