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    Smart People,

    Since those of us who have Nest thermostats no longer have access to it because of Google, what temperature sensor would everyone recommend? I’m keeping my Nest thermostat and cameras but need a temperature reading via HS3 for my fans every five minutes so they can adjust as needed.


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    Here I use Oregon Scientific sensors, and read them throught RFXCOM radio. I installed over 20 of them in a customers site, it has no trouble reading them.

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      I used a one wire network for years, once you get it installed and stable it just seems to last forever. And the sensors are around $10


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        Here also have been utilizing 1-Wire sensors for many years. They did at one time cost pennies to purchase.

        Initially these have been hard wired and using a 2 wires for a network of sensors. Each of these sensors sat on a network with their own MAC addresses.

        Today testing a sort of hub and spoke 1-wire network using modified WiFi (with arduino's) computers (modified = firmware). Each of these 1-wire wireless hubs have their own management web gui and multitask using MQTT.

        The cost and simplicity allow for use of these sensors all over the home. Here have sensors in the attic, every room on the second floor (and bathrooms), main floor, basement and outside.

        You can build a mini wireless temperature hub with 5-6-7 temperature sensors for less than $25 or so today.

        The other methodology I use is propietary sensors connected to my Leviton Omni Pro 2 combo panel. These sensors cost around $50 plus and are wired (4 wires).

        It is up to you how you want to do this and what methodologies (Homeseer 3 plugins) you want to utilize. All are easy peasey stuff.
        - Pete

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          I use MySensors for wireless and Si7021 as a temperature/humidity device.
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            So you are losing a device that contains the current inside temp. Isn't that the basic problem? If so, you can resolve that with a multi sensor using whatever device types you want. Place it on an outlet near the thermostat.

            I have a z-wave attached thermostat. It is an important source of input for my climate related events. From the thermostat I get current temp (for the location of the thermostat) and the setpoint. I also have several DIY arduino devices that monitor and report temp and humidity in various locations, one of which I use for outside temp and humidity. Using those inputs (inside temp/hum, outside temp/hum, and setpoint), I've been able to do everything I need in events. However, it is interesting to see the variations in temps in the different locations. I can offer one tip which is do not use DHT11 sensors for outside temps. This winter I discovered that they have a lower limit of about 34F.


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              I also use Oregon temp sensors. The batteries in these things last for about 2 years or so. Works very well. You might want to consider zigbee sensors as well using jowihue pluggin.
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                HSM200 because it is line powered - no batteries. Plus it provides motion detection.

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