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New floor thermostat released - with an API.. Who wants to build the PI then?

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    Also interested.
    have 11 zones of heated floors and would gladly replace my OJ microline thermostats if a PI was available.
    Especially with the API already available:



      I’m still interested in a plugin for the NuHeat Signature and may be willing to help fund the development of said plugin.


        Verry interested also !


          There is good support for this stat in Hubitat. You can use the hubitat elevation plugin to connect to the hubitat and control the stats (and other hubitat devices) from homeseer. The community support in hubitat is excellent, and being able to integrate them into HS gives us the best of both worlds.

          Of course, if someone wants to write a native HS plugin that would be great too, but I wanted to point out there are other ways of solving the problem.


            I'm also interested in a NuHeat plug in, but in the meantime, was able to use IFTTT (the site, not the plug in) to do the simple but useful commands of putting the thermostat in away mode when I'm gone and out of away mode when I'm home. No hardware is required. IFTTT allows 3 free applets. This will use two.
            Here is how I did it:
            1. Set up an IFTTT account and specifically the email service that will trigger events from your HS email address.
            2. Create your own applets. One triggers on the email subject #home and the other triggers on the email subject #away. The "then" controls the nuheat commands for setting the thermostat group to Home or Away.
            3. Create events in HS3 which will send an email to IFTTT address from your HS3 machine address with the appropriate subject #home or #away
            4. Trigger those HS3 events by your alarm away or disarming your alarm away (or other method). I have events that when the alarm is disarmed from away mode in the cold months the floor heat is turned on. Whenever the alarm is armed away, the floor heat is turned off (away mode).

            It's not a plug in, but gets to most of the functionality I need for saving some energy.


              Looks like more home automation system integrations have been released for NuHeat based on their open API.

              I’d love to have this for HomeSeer. I’d gladly pay for a plug-in.