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Help with Rule - Wait until ...

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  • Help with Rule - Wait until ...

    Hi, hoping someone can help me define a rule that will work like this;

    When the alarm become disarmed, wait until any 1 of 2 internal motion sensor are triggered (max wait 5 minutes), then call an event.
    Just not sure how to build the rule.


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    One of several ways...

    Create virtual device DisarmWait

    Event if alarm changes to disarmed
    - Set DisarmWait to Active
    - Set DisarmWait to Inactive after 5 minutes

    Event if Motion1 changes to motion and DisarmWait is Active
    or if if Motion2 changes to motion and DisarmWait is Active
    - run event


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      Thanks I'll give that a try!


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        Originally posted by Megaman View Post
        Thanks I'll give that a try!
        Of course, you'll probably want to flesh it out some. For example, when you arm the alarm you would want to set "DisarmWait" to inactive if it were active. This would be if someone started the disarm, but then changed their mind and re-armed it. Also, depending on what you are doing, you may want to set DisarmWait to inactive when the motion even triggers, if you don't want that event to run again until the next arm/disarm cycle.