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Suggestion please: Interfacing an external security keypad.

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    It worked, as in the key pad behaved as expected. I still haven't installed the electric strike as we've had a bunch of other renovations going on. New floors and kitchen etc.

    Issue I had was my HomeSeer instance would completely freeze up every 24-48 hours. Not good when it operates all your lights. Restarting the server wasn't necessary but restarting the HS executable was. The culprit seemed to be the Big5 plugin or possibly something to do with the COM line unit. When I disabled the Big5 plugin the freeze ups stopped. Not having an actual door lock to operate, I left it at that.

    Just in the last week I have undergone a major shift in my HomeSeer installation. Previously I was using the Win32 executable running on a Windows Server 2016 virtual machine on top of a Windows Server Core physical hypervisor.

    I am now running HS4 as a Docker container on an Ubuntu 20.04 physical host. The Dockerized version of HS4 is built from the Linux release of HomeSeer.

    (Link above is for the HS4 version, forked from the HS3 version here: )

    I will re-enable the Big5 plugin and recreate the serial device profile, then see if the lock ups return.