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How to get HomeSeer to start up automatically on Windows 10

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    How to get HomeSeer to start up automatically on Windows 10

    I have HomeSeer 3 Pro working on a Win 10 Pro machine. But I cannot get HomeSeer to start up when the machine reboots. My other applications do start up.

    What I have done:
    1. Set up the account to auto-login upon startup.
    2. Created a shortcut to HS2.exe app
    3. Moved the shortcut into the Startup folder
    4. Went to Task manager and verified that HS3 appeared as a startup task and was "Enabled"
    5. Went to Control Panel + Apps + Startup and verified that HS3 was there and "Enabled".
    6. Verified that HS3 and the shortcut do NOT have "Run as Administrator" privilege (since that doesn't work on startup.)
    I can manually start HomeSeer Pro by clicking on it or the shortcut.

    Why help on what else could be the problem?

    I use a program called Startup Delayer. Works great.
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      Here too utilize Start Up delayer with Windows 10 and Windows server 2016. Works great.

      Cheap (free) and easier than the Windows 10 long math way.

      I have switched over to using Linux now on two HS3 boxes and it has been very stable for me. (and the OS's are all free except maybe for Red Hat (except maybe Fedora Linux).

      I am running BSD and Linux servers here and they just keep running like the Energizer Bunny and I never have to touch them.
      - Pete

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        From Google

        Windows 10 startup folder location
        These programs start up for the current logged in user only. To directly access this folder, open Run, type shell:startup and hit Enter. Or to quickly open thefolder, press WinKey, type shell:startup and hit Enter.


          This works for me:
          (Notice the remark in the comments!)

          This does not require auto-login (more secure).


            Here's another thread on this as well.


              I also finally used Startup Delayer for Windows 10. The Startup folder did not work for me. I found that Startup Delayer gives good control for starting multiple applications that I run on my HS box. Link below:




                And here is another thread about this some years ago :

                And about Linux vs Windows :

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                  Here's a help desk article on how to auto start HS3 on Windows: