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How to set Events page as the initial start-up web page?

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  • How to set Events page as the initial start-up web page?

    I would like the "Events" page to be the initial start-up page for HomeSeer.

    I have been unable to do this in Settings + Custom + Use Custom Page 1 as Home Page and setting the URL. I have tried just "Events" and "http://<IPAddress>/Events and neither works. (I get error: "404 Bad Request: \Events")

    The main reason I want to use Events as the initial page is that the Device Information page that isa the normal default takes almost a minute to fully load (I have a LOT of devices.)


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    Try leaving off the 'http://' In my case, '' seems to work.
    To speed up loading of devices page, filter the device list to the few that you want to look at most often.
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      Used: 404 Bad Request: \

      The IP address is correct although I usually use a DNS name to access it.

      I tried the DNS name "" and it didn't work: 404 Bad Request: \

      I don't know where that leading slash is coming from in the error message. It looks like a clue to the problem.


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        Set the URL to "/Events".

        I found that the very first time I clicked 'Home' after checking 'Use Custom Page 1 as Home Page', I got a similar error, "404 Bad Request: \/Events". But then clicked Back and clicked Home again, it worked as expected. Go figure.

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          All you really need to do is open the Events page in your browser, and set that as a Home Page. It will open when you start your browser.
          Alternatively, create a desktop shortcut with the Events page as the destination. Opening that shortcut will open the Events page first.
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