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Aeotec Zstick PLUS a Znet in new house

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  • Aeotec Zstick PLUS a Znet in new house

    I'm moving houses soon, and was planning on getting a second Znet to broaden the coverage (4100 sqft). in packing, I found an order (~3 years?) Aeotec Zstick I bought when I first moved to HS from Vera.

    instead of using two Znets… thought I might use the Aeotec as a secondary controller.

    any thoughts or pitfalls on this approach?

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    To cover more area you need to setup two Z-Wave networks and the logical way of doing this is to use the ZStick on the hardware and a remote Z-Net to cover "the other area".


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      Thanks Rupp.

      So I guess my questions is that does setting up a second network "never hurt" and might help. In my current 3500 sqft house I have one Znet installed fairly centrally, and experience very little (if any) lag at times... with that kind of performance, would adding a second help much?

      For example.... if they are just above each other on separate floors... so fairly close, is there any competing issues? Is it just the possibility of getting a device the chance to go through less hops to the controller?

      Also, when adding a device, I assume you pick which controller at the time of inclusion. Is there any indication which is closer and a better connection?



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        Bump. Sorry if this is obvious... Trying to get my ducks in a row before the move.