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Strange activity with 2 HS-WS100+

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  • Strange activity with 2 HS-WS100+

    I have a couple of switches that behave funny. They get stuck in the on position. If I try to turn them off, the switch relay clicks off, and the LED at the bottom turns off, but the lights that are controlled stay on. I can repeat this many times with no response (but the switch clicks on off, and responds to Z-wave on/offs by clicking its relay and LED).

    If I do a hold down or a hold up it sometimes starts to works again, but this may be somewhat random.

    Any ideas wwhat is happening.

    They are running 5.16 firmware

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    The last time I had this happen on a WS200 it was a defective switch. It is most likely that your WD100 is also defective.