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Running HS on a VLAN with Ubiquiti

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  • Running HS on a VLAN with Ubiquiti

    anybody running homeseer on a separate VLAN with ubiquiti networking gear? Any tricks or things I should know before I embark on this journey? Thanks for the help...

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    Yes I have Ubiquity ER-POE5 router and and an Edge Switch 24 POE 250W.

    I ave several VLANs configured and found this excellent guide that I followed and tailored to my setup.

    I have a VLAN for IP security cameras and Blue Iris VMS. VLAN keeps camera isolated but accessible by Blue Iris and HS.


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      Thanks! !

      I'm getting all Unifi stuff ,..but looking at this, I'm starting to feel I might be over my head. 🤐


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        The Ubiquity hardware does have a deep learning curve but is very flexible on firewall rules, vlans and vpn config. I started early getting router switch setup for vlans and vpn before i bought my first IP camera.

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