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Looking for a tabletop fan

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  • Looking for a tabletop fan

    We have Mr. Slim units on the west side of our house - which are the primary rooms in which we live. I am looking for inexpensive table top fans that will resume on when the power is restored to them. In other words, fans I can control on/off by pluging into a a zwave switch. I bought several to try but all of the rest to off when the power is killed and you have to physically turn them back on. Does anyone have any recommendations? thanks

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    Is it the fan that's resetting to off, or is it the zwave switch? If it's the fan, look for something with a mechanical on/off/speed switch instead of an electronic one. Something like this might work:

    If it's the z-wave switch, try checking the "Include in power fail recovery" box on the device.

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      Thanks it is the fan. I will give this one a try.


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        I'd look for a fan with either one speed and a mechanical on/off switch, or if it has multiple speeds, a rotary switch. If the speed selection is with push buttons, it is far more likely to reset to off when the power goes off. Why not visit some stores like Target, Walmart, Kohl's, or Macy's, etc. and see what they have on display? Try out the ones that look promising before you buy.
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