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  • Any way to 'Force'

    In the PLC world you can "force" an input/output so that it stays in the state/value in which you have it forced regardless of what the logic is telling it to do. Is there any way to do this in Homeseer?

    I have an event which turns on my garage lights if any of the garage doors or door into my house is opened and it is dark outside. What I am trying to see if I can do is to "force" the lights to stay off (as needed) even when there is an event being triggered which turns the lights on. For me this would be helpful for times when I get home late at night and have to carry sleeping toddlers into the house.

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    Have another event that disables the event you don't want to run. EasyTrigger is very useful for this.


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      Another way to do it is to have the state of a virtual device as a condition on the event that turns on the light. Set the device state to prevent the event from running.
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        Thanks for the suggestions. I figured I could add some logic with the use of some additional virtual devices, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a simple way to force a device.