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MYHS login strange issue

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  • MYHS login strange issue

    Earlier this wee I had an issue with my user accounts - Somehow I switched accounts while access through MYHS and locked myself out as an admin. I went home and figured out how to change the user logged in via the web site but I accessed this while local and RDP'd to server. So, I was able to login as my admin after logging out the other user. It was working fine but than today I logged in to MYHS from an external site and the non-admin user was logged in. To add to the issue my homeseer mobile stopped working - It worked last night but I was on my local network when I used it - Any suggestions.. I have sent a email to support and they have been asking questions but it is hard to do much as I am at work and external - I am using an S6 with the latestHS version / Win 10. The MYHS user has admin access but as I said once I login to MYHS that user is not logged in -


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    Is your myHS user listed in your HS3 user accounts?


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      So, here’s what I finally did - I got home and RDP’d to the box. But before I did that I restarted my MacBook and made sure my VPN was off (prying eyes of COX cable) - anyway didn’t work until I did that - it brought up my S6 so I could connect (not RDP) - Every time I’d click on logoff it would just redirect me back to the home page - So, THEN I RDP’d in - same thing local but I noticed the redirect was to \logo - hmmm - I changed it to /logout - and it brought up the login window - I logged in as the admin and bam - just hope it stays this way