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  • Zwave Door Lock

    Just an FYI, bought a Schlage BE469ZP CEN 619 door lock and included into HS3 with "One click ", First attempt.

    I know a lot of them can be finicky and hard to import so just wanted to share this here.

    Cant get any better then one attempt

    If you are in search of what door lock to buy i would recommend this one for sure.

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    Did you include in secure or non-secure mode?
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      Ok, I'll just hop on this thread instead of starting another.
      I also just bought a Schlage BE469ZP (from Amazon). I included it to my Zwave network succesfully. My device info for the node only shows only 1 control button, "Reset Application Status". I'm not even sure what that means,
      I'm guessing there should be "lock" & "unlock" buttons. In the past re-scanning the device has found missing child devices or commands. Not this time.
      Re-scanning returns this in the log.

      Oct-19 9:32:44 AM Z-Wave Node 35 Z-Wave Sigma Entry Control supports having its date/time set. Current TimeZone is Central Daylight Time with a UTC offset of -5h, 0m and a Current UTC time of 10/19/2019 2:32 PM
      Oct-19 9:32:36 AM Z-Wave Node 35 is a Z-Wave Plus node. Retrieving ZWPlus Info...
      Oct-19 9:32:36 AM Z-Wave Warning Node 35 does not support the manufacturer specific command class - it is either a really old device or there was a communications problem.
      Oct-19 9:32:36 AM Z-Wave Warning If this is an import, you may need to remove and add the device as some devices cannot be added with an import.
      Oct-19 9:32:36 AM Z-Wave Warning Failed to get a SECURITY SCHEME or verify the key from node 35. Device may not be added properly to HomeSeer.
      Oct-19 9:32:36 AM Z-Wave Error Z-Wave was unable to negotiate a compatible security scheme with node 35
      Oct-19 9:32:25 AM Z-Wave Adding using S0 Security, Negotiating or Verifying SECURITY SCHEME for node 35

      I just bought the device, hoping it's not old.
      What does the above secure & unsecure mode inclusion procedure mean?
      Why is the Time wrong?
      How to fix?
      Need some Help


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        How far was your lock away from your zwave interface when including it. Locks tend to include much better when they are really close to the interface. Make sure you have a fresh set of really good batteries in them as well.
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          Thanks, I was 10 feet away, with a wood wall in between.
          Should I start over? secure or unsecure?
          Can I Remove the lock form the network & then "Replace Node" in HS while closer?
          Or, do I need to delete the node & just start over? (I hate those missing node holes in the network)


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            Originally posted by Pnord View Post
            Thanks, I was 10 feet away, with a wood wall in between.
            Should I start over? secure or unsecure?
            Can I Remove the lock form the network & then "Replace Node" in HS while closer?
            Or, do I need to delete the node & just start over? (I hate those missing node holes in the network)
            I would exclude the node and start over. The “holes” don’t matter at all. Locks should be added securely.
            HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
            Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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              I've found too it's best to have the lock right next to the interface when including, even if it means pulling the lock off the door to do so.
              This after many failed attempts trying it "the easy way".
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                Weird, I've added old Schlage lock (not the new ZP model) at about 45' away from controller (SmartStick+) with a floor and 3 walls in-between if I'd roughly estimate a straight line, and it included flawless first time.

                I did at the time already having a few AeonLabs G1 appliance switches included that act as awesome repeaters for me, but Schlage locks (and others alike) require special beaming/beacon repeaters if memory serves me so the normal advice is to include them near controller. Personally I prefer to identify issues immediately, so if the lock suffers to include at final destination then a smooth inclusion near controller might make you unaware of communication issues once relocated to final destination.

                There's a list somewhere of the Z-Wave beaming repeaters compatible with locks like Schlage that require it, but your distance of 10 feet shouldn't justify the need for one, and is more for locks at like 75' away.

                One day I was struggling to include devices to find out they were microwaving in the kitchen. This was weird to me, because microwaves usually interfere more near the 2.4GHz range (Alexa Echo below over the range microwave constantly pauses music with buffering issue), but without spectrum analyzer that was difficult at the time to confirm.

                The ZWaveProducts ToolBox arrived Thursday, but I didn't had enough time to play with it yet. It has somewhat of a spectrum analyzer included, so plan to repeat the situation of running microwave to defrost something for 30 minutes and trying to include Z-Wave devices, see if they fail again and if ToolBox shows the interference.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	ToolBoxsample04_1231x1231.png?v=1562783822.png
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                  SUCCESS !!!
                  OK, this has been a labor of love.
                  I kept trying different things to include the schlage lock, swapped SmartSticks, Stick in usb hub or not, distances etc.
                  I have a Leviton Vizia rf stick laying around and tried to include the lock onto my home PC using the Leviton scheme. (not my HS3 system)
                  That Worked !
                  So, I took my lock down to my work/office/shop where I have another HS3 setup running. (Yes, with second license ) & tried to join it to that system.
                  That Worked !
                  So, I went back home & saved my home HS setup & zwave backup files to a thumb drive and back to work to restore them to my work/shop HS3 PC.
                  I tried to join the lock there.
                  That Worked !
                  So, again I backed up the shop system & zwave files, wrote them back to the thumb drive, & went back home to restore those files to my home HS3 system
                  The lock now Works !

                  My HS3 home system is on a dedicated ThinkPad SL410 running Windows 7 (My other PC's are Win 10).
                  Apparently the zwave add//include problem is unique to that box.
                  I have no idea why the laptop system doesn't want to include the lock correctly. (OS ?)

                  BTW, this was not without pain, the Zwave restore/transfer process took several attempts to get right. (operator error I'm sure)
                  Also more than one trip between systems & maybe a little inappropriate language.
                  Lots of red log errors, I don't recall specifics, but eventually after many tries it got better.
                  I learned I had to to pay attention to the com port assignments & keep them straight on both the PC system & the config files.
                  Also at one point I was pretty sure I had destroyed one of my smartsticks, it later responded to some TLC.
                  True confessions, I also had a second Kwikset lock that I included at work & never did try to join at home. (probably never will now)
                  Also BACK UP OFTEN, I had to go back farther than I wanted to get a good clean starting restore point. I lost a few Zwave devices that were pretty easy to re-include but I also lost some pretty cool events that I had to re-remember how to put together.

                  But for now both locks work great !
                  On to the next fun.