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Water Meter at attractive price

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  • Water Meter at attractive price

    I recently obtained a water meter from Measurement Control Systems, a US company in CA since the 1960's,
    The pricing, especially on the larger meters is very good at current pricing of $70 for 1" meter. The 3/4" is $40. They also had a 1 1/2" in the low $100 range. They have pulse output at one pulse per gallon. The metering is very good quality with dials starting at 0.01 gal and going up to 100 gal. The did not have the higher resolution or lowest resolution dials. Looks like they could have put the pulse pickup on any of the dials and chose to instrument the one in the middle. While you cannot see low flow rates with pulse in real time, you can see it visually is one is investigating this behavior.

    They are polypropylene construction so not as attractive as the brass sold by They are a little fatter and about 1/2" shorter than the ones from

    The pulse output is a reed switch dry contact with no debouncing internally. I was not able to get them to work with my 1-wire (DS2423) counters, but the Sonoff/ESP8266 had no issue with a liberal debounce count. I tried some hardware debounce, but found it much easier to just use the software debounce built into Tasmota. I did modify Tasmota to provide both a daily pulse count along with the total pulse count that came standard with Tasmota. I also did the flash store hourly rather than daily so in the event a power cycle the most I lost was the last hour of data.

    I contacted the company via email about electrical characteristics after my 1-wire counter was not counting and got no response after two days. A telephone call was answered and the employee actually performed a test to confirm the reed switch operation. During this call I also confirmed that these meters are current production so do not appear to be closeout items.

    I have had the meters for many years and have worked well. I have no history with these from Measurement Control Systems, but with their business history they should do well.