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Alexa integration seems to be working again.

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  • Alexa integration seems to be working again.

    I just was able to relink my account with Amazon. Alexa now processing voice commands again. YMMV

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    Not working for me. I can link my accounts, rediscover devices, but Alexa tells me all my devices are unresponsive. I can use the smart home skill - alexa tell homeseer to ... without any problems. When I go to the Alexa app and go to devices, then turn one on manually, it shows the device as on for a few seconds, then off and the unresponsive. Nothing actually happens on the device.


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      That sucks. I actually unlinked last night thinking it was local to me, not knowing the ssl cert issue. So I had to relink. Tried several times this morning and it failed... checked forums, etc.... Then finally around 9 am it linked successfully and it worked. I am not using the “alexa, tell homeseer...” Just the other one that Imtell alexa to turn on something directly.


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        It is working again. I had multiple accounts set up in myhs. For whatever reason, the one I used to link with no longer works, but another works fine,