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Zooz ZSE40 V2.0 Multisensor won't accept parameter changes

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  • Zooz ZSE40 V2.0 Multisensor won't accept parameter changes

    I have a Zooz ZSE40 multisensor that I wish I hadn't purchased.

    I had a great deal of trouble including it in my network and getting it to report all values. I finally managed to accomplish it by standing next to my Z-net interface while including it, then re-scanning the device a couple of times. It finally is reporting all the values. It shouldn't be necessary to do this with a Z-Wave Plus device but it was.

    The motion timeout comes from the factory set to a very short interval (something like 15 seconds). I want to increase it to 240 seconds so my it doesn't re-trigger my motion events if I leave the room for a few seconds. The maximum time Zooz literature says it will accept is 255 seconds so it shouldn't be a problem. However when I send the command (parameter 5, dec 240, 1 byte) it returns a value of 33!? And, in fact it is timing out at 30 seconds.

    I've just about had it with Zooz. Any suggestions?

    Also, does anyone know how long the ZSE40 remains awake after the Z-Wave button has been pressed?


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    I have a ZEN15,( I know a different product) but I found out two things that may help.
    1. I had to include twice to get all of the features; for some reason HS did not generate all the necessary devices.
    2. I had to set the parameters using the number in the Z00Z documentation. The ones that HS generate do not appear correct.