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  • Lock recommendations?

    I currently have a Schlage (BE469) lock on my front door, which has been flaky in terms of z-wave reliability for the past few years (not just with HomeSeer, but with prior controllers as well). I'm looking to replace the (non-smart) locks on the back doors on my home, so I wonder what else is out there in terms of controllable locks that are reliable and work well with HomeSeer.

    Couple of requirements/goals:
    1. I'd prefer the simplicity of a lever lock (without a deadbolt). My back doors are french doors with a lot of glass. It's far easier to smash the glass on the door to gain access than it is to try to bypass a deadbolt. My philosophy is that locks are only a deterrent and just need to not be the weakest link in security.
    2. I don't care for the noisy locking behavior of the Schlage deadbolt. Ideally a level lock won't require motors moving a bolt to allow access.
    3. I hope to synchronize all the locks with the same set of codes via HomeSeer.
    What locks do you use and recommend?

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    Maybe you can start by checking the newer ones ?( more chance to be z-wave plus).

    Go this lever one for my second entrance.

    It was hard to get access to lever lock here in Canada.

    I preferred the look of this one ...but couldn't find it :


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      The Yale Real Living Touchscreen Lever Lock looks nice, but it's not clear to me how the lever works. I seem to recall reading somewhere that there is a geared mechanism that engages and disengages the ability of the outside lever to open the door (and as a result, there is a short delay after entering a code before the lever is usable), but I can't find any video showing the operation.

      Does anyone have this lock that could comment?