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Extremely slow HS3 web interface after fresh upgrade to .548

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  • Extremely slow HS3 web interface after fresh upgrade to .548

    Restarted HS3 today and it prompted an automatic upgrade to the latest version
    After the upgrade I did restart the whole Windows 10 machine as well. It did updates of it's own to Windows 10.
    Now HS3 web interface is extremely slow in many situations. For example takes forever to open the content of an event. Takes very long to open "plug-in" page etc.
    Anyone else experiencing the same? Any proposed fix?

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    I just updated here and I see no changes. Are you running any anti-virus software that may be scanning files in use? Have you checked the task manager to see if anything is causing your CPU or disk loads?


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      Yes. Ran task manager showing extremely high use of CPU and Memory by HS3. Pls see attached Click image for larger version

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        I’ve been running .548 without issue for a while. I did update Windows to the 1903 build a week or so ago. My CPU usage doubled and server energy usage went up significantly. I didn’t notice any particular slowness in HS3. My server typically runs at 10-15% CPU, after the 1903 update it was running 25-35%. Earlier this week I rolled Windows back to 1803 and everything went back to normal. CPU and server energy went back to the lower levels and the fans on my server went back to their normal quiet.

        I run a 4-core hyperthreaded Xeon processor with CPU to spare, a lower powered CPU could be impacted more with this problem. There are a lot of complaints about 1903 and CPU usage. Rumor is that it will be addressed in the 1909 update. You might check if the 1903 update was applied to your machine when the problem started.
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        Aurora, CO

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