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Looking for help to rebuild network/configuration

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  • Looking for help to rebuild network/configuration

    I need help with one issue:
    Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Stick stated to interfere with Wifi network. The wifi was very unstable, long ping times low speed. I managed to troubleshoot and found out that once Windows PC (with Homesheer and USB Aeotec Z-Stick) was off, wifi was OK. Next step managed to find out that once PC was working and Stick was not connected wifi was ok. As soon the Stick got power it messed the wifi. The only solution was to hard reset it (push button 10 seconds). I have backups from Tools->Setup->Configuration.

    How I get my network and devices working again without pairing and configuring everything again?

    I’m ready to use remote assistance from some specialist and compensate the effort.

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    Did you use the Aeotec tools to make a backup of the z-wave db on the stick? If not then when you hard reset the usb stick all of the z-wave db information on the stick was deleted. You will have to re-include everything and your HS backup probably is of no value anymore. You should contact HS support for help.


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      Zwave frequencies are no where near WiFi somif it’s indeed the cause, might be a bad radio in it.


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        If the Aeon sick is faulty then you could consider a HomeSeer Z-Net or HomeSeer USB SmartStick+ and then perform a Z-Wave network transfer from the Aeon stick.

        This will avoid having to re-pair any of your devices.

        HomeSeer support will be able to assist you if needed then, as they'll support their hardware products.


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          The OP is from Estonia. Do they use the same frequencies in Estonia as the US?


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            Originally posted by drhtmal View Post
            The OP is from Estonia. Do they use the same frequencies in Estonia as the US?
            No. But theirs are even lower 868.4MHz


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              I use EU spec devices. Currently I have this picture. No backup with Aeotec tools.


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                Just wondering...
                Are you running the 1903 issue of Windows10, and did you recently get a Windows Update?


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                  I update Windows regularly, but have not seen 1903 issue