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Door sensor not working on metal door. Any suggestions ?

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  • Door sensor not working on metal door. Any suggestions ?

    I tried to install a zwave plus door sensor on my front door. Its working fine away from the door, but did not work on the door. After a bit of investigating, the issue seems to be there is a lot of metal in my front door. Has anybody got any ideas of how to get around that issue ? Fixed contacts would obviously work theoretically, but not practical in my case

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    What type or send a picture of your placement.
    The Sensative stripes will not work in certain situations.

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      The sensor I am using is a NEO Coolcam Z-wave plus Wireless Door / Window Sensor. I think the door is fibreglass over a metal frame. I will post a picture later tonight.


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        I bet that the doorframe also contains metal, and if so, you can just forget it. Try finding something with either optical sensor or a microswitch


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          Yes I am sure its a metal frame. I didnt think there was a way other than what you mentioned. That doesnt work for me though. Might have to write that idea off...


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            I've used a Monoprice Z-Wave recessed sensor (cheaper no-logo version of the Aeotec/AeonLab ones) within a metal door just fine for years on a Vera3 setup with door relatively close to the Vera3 controller (about 15' away). Moving sensor over to new location on HomeSeer with door much further away (roughly 50') it wouldn't work inside door, but by switching it reverse and putting magnet inside metal door, and recessed sensor inside door frame it worked fine.

            Not sure if it was the distance, or type of metal door though; it worked so didn't even think much about it until I saw issue in here.


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              If you have already tried the said items in reverse order placement with no luck due to the magnetic field effect on the door then if it's a garage door you are on about, you have the option of D.I.Y with Arduino or ESP or Raspberry PI (with/without MQTT). You will need something like this : Only problem with that is that also works magnetically. So option 2 is to acquire some skills about these here : Downside is the high voltage ones may not be comparable with D.I.Y with Arduino or ESP or Raspberry PI projects.

              Edit : I don't know how you would apply this one : to your project else, it's good for pulling your hair out!

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