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Problems with ini-files

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    Problems with ini-files

    I'm using ini-files to save some parameters, e.g. for serial ports. It seems that these parameters are deleted for some reason in some of my ini-files e.g. when HS3 crashes or when Windows 7 makes automatic updates and reboots the HS3 box. Typically when this happens, only one of the ini-files seems to have lost the serial parameters but not any other parameters. I wonder whether anyone else has noticed same problem.

    My experience with HS2 is that each SaveIni call resulted in immediate write to the disk. McsSprinklers has many settings saved to ini and the repeated write was taking way too long so I did my own ini handler so I could control when the cache was actually written to disk.

    my mcsMQTT plugin has a modest number of ini settings and I use the the HS functions to save and write them. I have not experienced lost settings when aborted shutdowns occur and I do many aborts using W7 as I debug issues. This leads me believe that HS3 does a write to disk with the SaveIni call.

    In HS1 the serial port setting was handled differently and done by the plugin. There was actually no ini capability initially. When it did come it was in the settings.ini file. Depending upon the plugin you may be experiencing an effect of this legacy. This is especially if the serial settings are for a legacy interface.