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trying to get setup on ubuntu. Unable to connect

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  • pcburcham
    You modified settings.ini in Config directory to have the web server listen on port 8085 or something? The default port is 80, then you should be able to change it in Tools>Setup>Network - I'm just guessing since it seems you have a clean setup and haven't accessed the GUI in your browser yet.

    Also, from the looks of your IP address, you are using a NAT or Host config on your VM. Try changing it to a Bridged network so you can assign your VM a unique IP address. Generate a MAC address for the virtual Ethernet card under the VM's settings and then assign that MAC a static IP in your router. Reboot the VM and try the static IP in your browser. If you need to use another port to access the server you can assign it one then.

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  • lorenjz
    I think I've mad a couple of steps in the right direction. Here is the log from HomeSeer starting:

    12:47:33:1632:[Database]->Opening (Mode=Read Only) up HomeSeer LOG database /home/loren/HomeSeer/Logs/HomeSeerLog.hsd
    12:47:33:2641:[Startup]->Loading Settings
    12:47:33:3282:[Startup]->Settings Loaded.
    12:47:33:8306:[Startup]->            HomeSeer version Edition: HS3 Pro Starting Now
    12:47:33:8444:[Startup]->Creating Class Objects...
    12:47:33:8463:[Startup]->COM port classes started.
    12:47:33:8494:[Startup]->Application interface class started.
    12:47:33:8812:[Startup]->Web server class started.
    12:47:33:8823:[Startup]->E-Mail SEND class started.
    12:47:33:8828:[Startup]->E-Mail RECEIVE class started.
    12:47:33:8859:[Startup]->Plug-In Interface class started.
    12:47:33:8873:[Startup]->Local voice recognition class started.
    12:47:33:8896:[Startup]->Database SAVE process started.
    12:47:33:8899:[Startup]->Loading configuration file ...
    12:47:33:9028:[Database]->Opening (Mode=Read Only) up HomeSeer database /home/loren/HomeSeer/Data/HomeSeerData.hsd
    12:47:33:9096:[Warning]->Configuration database has no devices in it: /home/loren/HomeSeer/Data/HomeSeerData.hsd
    12:47:33:9104:[Database]->Loading Devices...
    12:47:33:9107:[Load Config]->0 total devices loaded.
    12:47:33:9136:[Load Config]->Loading Event Groups...
    12:47:33:9185:[Load Config]->Loading Events...
    12:47:33:9213:[Load Config]->0 total events loaded.
    12:47:33:9215:[Load Config]->Loading COUNTERS...
    12:47:33:9266:[Load Config]->Loading TIMERS...
    12:47:33:9368:[Startup]->HomeSeer version is:
    12:47:33:9374:[Startup]->Creating Speaker Client Interface Object...
    12:47:33:9404:[Warning]->This version of HomeSeer is not registered and is currently disabled
    12:47:34:0148:[Error]->Unable to start plug-in API: Address already in use
    12:47:34:0153:[Startup]->Checking for available plug-ins
    12:47:34:0257:[Startup]->Initializing Plug-Ins
    12:47:34:0504:[HSTouch Server]->Server started on port 10200
    12:47:34:0533:[Startup]->HStouch server started, waiting for clients to connect.
    12:47:34:0724:[Web Server]->Local IP address is:
    12:47:34:0775:[Web Server]->Web Server started on port 8085
    12:47:34:0981:[Startup]->Start automation engine...
    12:47:34:1004:[Startup]->Initializing Speaker Client Interface
    12:47:34:1059:[Error]->Unable to start remote speech API: Address already in use
    12:47:34:1062:[Speech]->Listening for remote speaker connections on port 10401
    12:47:34:1141:[Database]->Opening (Mode=Read/Write) up HomeSeer Energy database /home/loren/HomeSeer/Data/Energy/Energy.hsd
    12:47:34:1223:[Startup]->Updater services starting...
    12:47:34:1237:[Startup]->Starting Find service...
    12:47:34:1291:[Startup]->Starting Event Scheduler...
    12:47:34:1360:[Startup]->HSSentry is disabled in Setup, sentry will not be started.
    12:47:34:1377:[Startup]->Start up complete.
    Type 'shutdown' to shutdown HomeSeer
    > 12:47:34:2012:[Info]->System connected to MyHS Service, waiting for acknowledge...
    I've tried going to but the browser just sits and tries to access the webpage without any connection.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • lorenjz
    started a topic trying to get setup on ubuntu. Unable to connect

    trying to get setup on ubuntu. Unable to connect


    I wanted to give HomeSeer a try. I've followed this post on how to install HomeSeer on a Ubuntu VM. When I try and go to the VM's Ip in my browser, I get the error "This site can't be reached". How can I get this up and running on my VM?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.