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Mini or Shuttle PCs with auto boot after power failure

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  • Pete
    Today you can run Homeseer on just about anything.

    For Windows you will need an Intel / AMD CPU based computer with as little as 2Gb of RAM and 32 or 64 Gb of OS space (here have done it on a 32Gb eMMC or a 64Gb eMMC). This all really depends on how many plugins / scripts you are running.

    For Linux an Intel / AMD / ARM CPU will run Linux. Here ran Linux on a mini 9-core ARM CPU on a little TV box running Armbian Linux. All solid state - passive cooling and eMMC OS space.

    For a combo of Linux and a Virtual Windows environment using Oracle Virtual box only Intel CPU will work.

    As mentioned here latest computer is a mini Intel TV box with 4 Gb or RAM and 64Gb of eMMC space which runs Ubuntu and WIndows 7 embedded. I give Linux 3 Gb of RAM and Windows 1Gb of RAM.

    For multitasking you can build a server that only does VM machines. You can have one machine running Windows (or multiple windows) and or Linux (or multiple linux boxes).

    Did a box for a Homeseer users doing an 4X8 (32TB) RAID, Haswell i5 with 16Gb of RAM, Windows 7e, Apache weather server, Video CCTV NVR...all worked just fine a few years ago.

    So choosing a box is up to you and what you plan to do with Homeseer. During the Homeseer 2 days did end up purchasing many (almost all of them) plugins and many I never did use. For Homeseer 3 doing more a pick and choose if I need it scenario this time around and really mostly tinkering with hardware these days.

    I do not watch / benchmark the Homeseer automation because it just works. I am not tethered to my cell phone nor do I sleep with my cell phone...but that is me.

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  • Pete
    Here my updating of mITX DIY PC's have always included power options in BIOS. The Shuttle Netop D525 from years ago initially did not include the boot on power in the BIOS then later the BIOS was updated to include boot on power.

    Today testing a new micro Intel PC (Intel TV Box). Smaller than the NUC PC and cheaper.

    This computer boots fine on power on. I am using it for the Zee HS3 OS (HS3 Lite).

    It will also work with HS3 standard or pro if you keep it lite. Best of all purchased this box for $65 which is about 50% discount.
    I purchased a second one for a HS3 user a couple of months back.

    - CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8350
    - RAM: 4G + ROM: 64G (NOTE this eMMC with included Windows 10 Home 64 bit which I removed and replaced with Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit and an Oracle Virtual Box running Windows 7e).
    - Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
    - Gb and WLAN interfaces

    Today you can also purchase similiar with SSD aux in a bigger case and faster CPU. Passive heatsink cooling.

    You can also purchase a NUC sized computer with newest CPUs these days. I am using one for a PFSense firewall.

    Really depends if you are a Homeseer power user with many plugins and scripts running or a Homeseer lite user with a couple of plugins and a few scripts running.

    For the desktops and laptops here have switched over to Lenova and one HP. I have recommended the Lenova ThinkCentre mini computers for family desktops. I have also recommended the same for a new Homeseer server for a user in the UK. Building one today to ship there in the next month or so.


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  • Wade
    I have 3 micro form factor PCs, and all 3 support boot on power restore.
    HP EliteDesk G2 Mini
    Dell Optiplex 5050 Micro
    AcePC AK1

    The AcePC is modest with a Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 and 4GB ram. It's done fine with a relatively small HA setup at a weekend home.

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  • RoChess
    I've only got a very old Shuttle XPC to draw experience from, but yes BIOS supports recovery when AC is restored. It also supports WOL although that's more NIC doing that.

    Use 4GB in my HS3 box running Win10 and average memory usage is 1.8GB, and can probably lower that, but didn't see the point.

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  • kwolter
    started a topic Mini or Shuttle PCs with auto boot after power failure

    Mini or Shuttle PCs with auto boot after power failure

    I'm planning on rebuilding my HS installation soon. Do any of the mini or shuttle type PCs have a BIOS that support the auto boot feature when AC is restored after a power failure? Also, any general recommendations of these small footprint machines in regard to HS4 as far as memory requirements, etc? Thanks.