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Greenwave Multi socket PowerNode US CHEAP!

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    Greenwave Multi socket PowerNode US CHEAP!

    Somehow I missed these several years back so I recently thought I had found a new gem. OK, its not a gem, its's not Zwave+, and it doesn't do perfectly all it said it would do, but is does make a GREAT appliance module (with six individually controlled plugs!) and right now its only $20!!! I have been running low on appliance modules. This will free up a few and will fit better behind the desk!! I've had one for a couple of weeks and just use the switches. Works fine every time. Going to buy a few more.

    Interesting find, can you please confirm that there is NO power-measuring capability which does exist on the older Aeon strip, or new Z-Wave+ S2 strip from ZooZ?

    Otherwise I'm buying a lot more if they do.

    It supports "Command Class Meter", but that is never a guarantee.

    Some crappy manual I found talks about a wheel that when turned to be 'white' does power-monitoring, but no switching, and turned 'blue' does switching, but no power-monitoring. Weird device, but that price is irresistible

    Is there a single master control switch exposed in HomeSeer, or just individual switches only?


      It actually DOES do power monitoring. You just have to set up polling. I don't really have a need for that so I did not set up any polling. It does have six separate controls that can be individually controlled in an event. I found an internet post that says the wheel changes the power indicator light color. (I guess so you can differentiate them if you have a few together?)

      Yeah, you can't beat the price. Can't even buy ONE appliance module for twenty bucks.....


        Bought 10 of them, so we'll see how useful they are



          It would probably take a while to recoup the cost of running all the wall warts behind every desk in the house, but it would be cool to be able to shut them off easily when not in use. I have 4 so far and 2 in use. Maybe there are a few more in my future....

          They have been flawless under HS3 so far.


            Yup, ten.

            Unable to automate Halloween this year, but not missing out on Christmas, so for that alone can probably use all 10 of them, and will eventually find a use for them elsewhere.

            Might even get more after I've played with them as it is a great starter kit item when helping others discover benefits of Home Automation. Everyone I know has at least one strip in their living room, office, and bedroom to power devices either direct via cord or the ever expanding cluster of adapters


              Ordered 2. Can't seem to go wrong at that price. Thanks for posting about it.


                Originally posted by cc4005 View Post
                Ordered 2. Can't seem to go wrong at that price. Thanks for posting about it.
                Same. I still have an Aeotec I'm not using.... but too goo to pass up.


                  So happy I jumped on here and saw this today! Just ordered 3.


                    Monoprice must be going "what the hell just happened?"


                      This device looks promising. Just ordered one.

                      Here is the manual:

                      Unfortunately, I can't find anything about setting parameters.


                        Originally posted by logbuilder View Post
                        ….Unfortunately, I can't find anything about setting parameters.
                        You set everything in the ZWAVE tabs.


                          Originally posted by outbackrob View Post

                          You set everything in the ZWAVE tabs.
                          But what parameters are used, how big (1,2 byte), what values are allowed and what do they mean?

                          As example, I have a Zooz Zen20 5 outlet powerstrip. It has over 20 parameters that can be changed. I've changed several especially in regards to reporting thresholds for energy usage. What are the equivalents for the Greenwave (Monoprice) strip?

                          Here is the Zooz manual that documents the parameters/values and may be changed.



                            Further google research - some limited info on parameters. Unknown if any of the below is accurate. It is just a dump of what I've found so far.

                            parameter 0: Power change required to send a notification, in % from 1 to 100, default 10
                            parameter 1: Keep alive time, in minutes from 1 to 255, default 2
                            parameter 2: Color wheel selection, read only
                            parameter 3: State after power loss, 0 = all off, 1 = remember last state, 2 = all on, default 2
                            parameter 4: Led for network error, 0 = disable, 1 = enable, default 0

                            Parameters 3 and 4 only work with greenwave powernode firmware 4.28. As far i know it is not possibly to upgrade the firmware.
                            Supported Z-Wave command classes

                            32 COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC

                            37 COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_BINARY

                            39 COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_ALL

                            50 COMMAND_CLASS_METER

                            86 COMMAND_CLASS_CRC_16_ENCAP

                            96 COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL_V2

                            112 COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION

                            113 COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM (reported not to work)

                            114 COMMAND_CLASS_MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC

                            117 COMMAND_CLASS_PROTECTION

                            133 COMMAND_CLASS_ASSOCIATION_V2

                            134 COMMAND_CLASS_VERSION

                            135 COMMAND_CLASS_INDICATOR (reported not to work) Z-Wave parameters

                            Parameter #1 (1 byte):

                            After how many minutes the GreenWave device should start flashing if the controller didn't communicate with this device (min: 1, max: 255)

                            Parameter #2 (1 byte, ?read only?):

                            Wheel color (?min: 128, max: 137?)

                            128 Black (empty)

                            129 Green (1)

                            130 Dark Blue (2)

                            131 Red (3)

                            132 Yellow (4)

                            133 Purple (5)

                            134 Orange (6)

                            135 Light Blue (7)

                            136 Pink (8)

                            137 Locked



                              Originally posted by outbackrob View Post
                              Going to buy a few more.
                              Big box arrived today, included one quick just now, and pretty impressed by it so did the only natural thing and ordered a few more

                              They will be useful as-is, but that colored wheel has me fascinated if I can somehow put that to use as well.

                              Not a fan of the green flashing when device is off, but I guess that might be useful in trying to manually find it in the dark when it is shoved behind some furniture. And it might tie in with the info that logbuilder shared on Z-Wave parameter #1 keep-alive time, but even at 255 minutes it will still end up blinking.

                              Mine came with firmware v4.21 and parameter #3 & #4 returned back ERROR, so might be out of luck to disable it.

                              0 = <empty>
                              1 = 2
                              2 = 129
                              3 = ERROR
                              4 = ERROR

                              Will try the suggestion from some manual I read that the wheel in 'white' position is meant for power measuring fridges/medical-devices, which I guess is the locked one. Makes more sense now, because you don't want to have the option to power those down by mistake, so if that wheel offers a "deny off" action that would be cool.

                              Supposed to leave already, but couldn't help to try that, and indeed it blocks any manual button action to alter power state, and even prevents Z-Wave ones. HomeSeer however still changes state, so will have to write a script that is aware that when Z-Wave parameter #2 is set to 137 to lock down the current state.