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    Originally posted by RoChess View Post
    gmitch64Does it work for you then?
    It's starting to. I honestly had it set to something more sensible for polling initially, but when it wasn't showing anything, I decided to screw down the time as I wasn't sure if it wasn't working, or whether I was just being too impatient.

    Originally posted by RoChess View Post
    gmitch64use the "Poll devices for Status" icon (little blue one top-right area).
    I've been using HS for years, and it never really registered with me that I could do a poll of a device like that. Thanks for that - something else to add to the toolbox.

    Originally posted by RoChess View Post
    I rely heavy on that functionality with my Aeotec/Aeonlabs nodes.
    As do I. I have several events for my washer and drier that depend on that. I think I'm going to miss that with this strip. I don't think that I'll NEED it, but I'll miss it. But for $20, I will be more than able to live with it. If I get really antsy for that sort of functionality, I could probably plug this strip into an Aeotec, and use that to notify HS3 on a change of power, and use that to trigger an event to go poll the Greenwave.

    Originally posted by RoChess View Post
    PS: Did you adjust any Z-Wave parameters manually? I remember I had to do that on mine before they started to work reliable.
    Any idea which parameters you had to change? I've not changed anything, as I didn't want to mess too much with it before getting it to work 'out of the box'. I'd like to set it so that it sends an unsoliciated power reading when there's maybe a 10% change, so I'm thinking 0x70, 0x04, 0x00, 0x01, 0x0A? Otherwise, I'll just set the kWH to poll every 24 hours, and the instant power to poll maybe every 5 mins or so, maybe longer - for this application, I'm not too interested in the instantaneous power (which looks like it only updates every 9 seconds anyway), I'm more interested in getting the kWH and the socket control. How often should you poll the root device?

    I'm also seeing that both my strips are still showing that they can't communicate with the gateway (the 2 top and 2 bottom lights are flashing) - does everyone elses show the same? It seems to be working fine - I can control the sockets, and I'm now getting power info coming thru.

    Also, I do not see the devices in the Energy Database, which again could be down to operator error. It's not something I've looked at much/at all until the last couple of weeks, but the whole Energy logging/reporting thing seems to be a bit pants in HS3. Once I get figures coming back for all the ports, I'll dig more into the Energy Database, though I suspect I'll have to look and see if jon00 has something to handle that better (jon00 always seems to have something to handle most things).




      Originally posted by gmitch64 View Post
      It's starting to.
      But interestingly, when i poll the Notification Child, it comes up with an error

      0 @ Polling: Node 82 Z-Wave Notification (Status is - (Plugin Reports Other Error))



        The threshold push notification requires updated firmware, mine are on v4.21 and manual stated that it needs v4.28 but I have not been able to track down a way to get firmware update, and might explain why these units are being sold this cheap.

        Try rotating the wheel to 'white' so that Z-Wave parameter #2 reads 137, as this is meant to power monitor medical devices that always need to remain powered. It will block any manual or Z-Wave command to turn the power-switch on or off, but it is supposed to be more optimal to get power measurements.

        I've got mine set to #1 = 2, and #2 = 129 (Green)

        Z-Wave parameter #0 gives empty value, which is normally where you configure threshold value change, so 10 equals 10% change to push update, and #3+#4 give me back an ERROR which is only to confirm that I'm on firmware v4.21 as those are all v4.28 features (posts on 1st page of this thread give you all the details).

        I've never gotten any errors polling these strips though, either direct or networked via a neighbor, so you could consider excluding/re-including it, but maybe first just leave it unplugged for a bit. Had to unplug an RGBGenie last week which didn't automatically recover from a power failure (darn brownouts) and got stuck in 'on' and not accepting Z-Wave communications anymore. Got it wired up with a power cord, so that was easy, but that has always been my main HA worry when you have devices inside walls. At least for these powerstrips that is not a problem, unless you go extreme


          I've had issues with the Zooz multi outlet failing internally when there is a power surge or failure. I'm up to three failed units. Can anyone comment on how the Greenwave behave under these circumstances?


            racerfern, have gone through quite a few outages ranging from a few minutes to multiple hours, and never had to worry about these units and they retain whatever their pre-outage value was. But I've never had to worry about my AeoTec multi-strips either, so not sure what's up with your ZooZ one. Have you checked into firmware upgrade?

            ZEN20 v1.0 = latest firmware v20.15 -- No advanced settings, no power monitoring, no status recovery after power failure (defaults to off)
            ZEN20 v2.00 = latest firmware v1.0, but should be upgradable to v2.02
            ZEN20 v2.01 = latest firmware v2.0, but should be upgradable to v2.02
            ZEN20 v2.02 = latest firmware v2.02
            ZEN20 v2.03 = latest firmware v2.03 -- Added parameter settings for A and V reporting frequency that v2.03 hardware supports (disabled by default)

            Sounds like you might have an older model that is known to not support status recovery after a power failure, but you should be able to script for this with HomeSeer.


              RoChess these are all the newer ones, I will check firmware but I doubt electrical surges respect firmware. I'll report back.

              FYI, what has happened twice is the lights for each outlet start flickering if at all and they do nothing. No amount of excluding, including, scanning fixes anything. They are internally fried.


                Originally posted by racerfern View Post
                RoChess these are all the newer ones, I will check firmware but I doubt electrical surges respect firmware. I'll report back.

                FYI, what has happened twice is the lights for each outlet start flickering if at all and they do nothing. No amount of excluding, including, scanning fixes anything. They are internally fried.
                Unplug, and re-plug.

                In some rare cases you need to disconnect the power, so be happy it is a plugged in power-strip as for in-wall you have to use the breaker panel, unless you're crazy like me (not recommended) and do it on a hot wire (Wago lever nuts for the win!).

                My Philio PAN-04's (dual-relay in-wall with power measuring) sometimes go haywire after a power failure, and they'll rapidly go on/off when I flip the switch to activate them. Nothing that I do via Z-Wave solves it, but a power cycle does, which is easier for me via Wago lever nuts than going into basement to breaker panel with other items on the same breaker.

                At the moment I'm fighting two "RGB Genies" that sometimes go crazy, and AeoTec Wallswipe with Nano dimmer. AeoTec support told me to disable IR as a solution, but that's the freaking reason I went for these models. The RGB Genies are currently powered via a Greenwave powerbar, so I can just power cycle them via Z-Wave to solve the issue, and I'm hoping to have more time in 2021 to diagnose the underlying reason.

                The PAN-04's are almost 7-years old, but still work fine, just irritating after a power-failure, and it is not each and every time or I would have replaced them, but random so might relate to how power returns (spike/etc).

                One of these days I'll solve it all permanently with a whole-house solution for surge and backup power, for now it is just a nuisance that I personally can deal with.


                  As a follow up I contacted Zooz (which is really an in-house brand of They suggested that the problem was I had RPIs plugged in and their power draw isn't enough. I had to raise my eyebrows at that one. Since it's out of warranty they offered to sell me a new one at an open box price and they also offered to open my unit and have a looksee. Not a very good solution and I still haven't decided what to do. Sending them the unit takes it out of my hands eliminating any recourse moving forward.


                    Originally posted by racerfern View Post
                    They suggested that the problem was I had RPIs plugged in and their power draw isn't enough.
                    That's the difference between good ol' fashion magnetic relays that toggle the power load, or if fancy modern TRIACs or MOSFETs are used. The non-relay switching methods often require a minimum current to flow through them to function proper. Then Gate and Miller capacitance also play an important role. Powering some tiny current requirements might cause issues on that, and the devices will often carry a minimum load requirement of 10-15W, but I usually only find that to be an issue on dimmers.

                    The Greenwave ones are definitely relay, because you hear the audible 'click' whenever a load is turned on, or off.

                    These type of relays are often used --


                      RoChess There used to be an audible click with the Zooz.