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    I am kind of in the same boat as the OP. We are thinking of replacing at least one of our HVAC systems with a heat pump which are all variable speed. All those systems come with their own thermostats and from the VERY limited research I did there is no integration, closed system. If anybody knows a heatpump HVAC system that integrates with HS I am all ears.
    With our current system we use Trane XL624 thermostats that are banned into closets. These thermostats are z-wave so natively integrate into HS. Control is done through wall mounted tablets. That is how I want the new system to work. I don't want a thermostat on the wall and a tablet on the wall for all the other non-HVAC stuff. That also means the thermostat need to work solely with remote sensors (with the internal temperature sensor disabled).


      Happy Easter Homeseer users!!!!

      Note here this is NOT a WiFi compatible thermostat; rather it is a Z-Wave thermostat. I am still waiting for an ESP based WiFi thermostat that I can update to Tasmota. It does not exist at this time and there is no way that I will connect my thermostat to the vendors cloud at this time.

      We are getting close though..."fat lady has not sung yet"

      Tasmota Thermostat

      Here installed Ring alarm / doorbell et al in house two. I went looking for a Ring compatible thermostat and picked a Honeywell ZWave thermostat. Works perfectly and is not managed by the cloud and not dependent on the cloud. I can manage Ring using my smart phone but do not. The Ring app is mostly an advertisement for Ring these days.

      The Ring hub in house two is connected POE to a switch in the house and it does fail over to a built in LTE modem built in to the hub.

      What I am using that works well is a Ring to MQTT bridge. Ring-mqtt with video streaming. The Ring system is Internet dependent and very different from my locally install OmniPro 2 panel with all sensors that are wired. Thermostat in main house is serially wired and tested a Zigbee connected thermostat which works but is much slower to me than the serially wired thermostat. There is a new Homeseer 3rd party plugin for Ring these days. I am still looking for a Thermostat (ESP based) that I can convert to Tasmota. There is none right now.

      Z-Wave thermostat that I am using is the Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro Series Z-Wave Stat purchased on Amazon. Nothing fancy at all and it works well and is not Wifi and internet dependant. House two is mostly WiFi Tasmota devices locally managed. That and I have one Homeseer Touchscreen in main house that connects via VPN to house two Homeseer and works well. (infrastructure here and there is managed POE switches, Ruckus APs and PFSense firewalls.) PFSense is doing OpenVPN which works fine with my Android phones and Linux laptops (and Windows 11 tablets / laptops).

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      In both homes now have temperature and or temperature humidity sensors in every room of the house. Originally it was an extensive 1-Wire network. Now it is a hybrid of that using Tasmota wireless sensors.

      Here is a local home with a remote view of house number two Ring using Home Assistant which you can do with Homeseer mcsMQTT add on.

      There are more contact sensors and PIRs than are listed here. I am using the motion sensors with the local Alexa devices (on the cloud) TTS these days.

      This is a Home Assistant view that you can do with mcsMQTT (except for the alarm keypad). I am using myQ in house two (hate it) and prefer my DIY'd combo Tasmota button, two sensors, temperature sensor basic device way better in main house. (and wired GDO to alarm panel stuff).

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      - Pete

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