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Steinel IS140-2 z-wave outdoor motion sensor not playing nice.

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    Steinel IS140-2 z-wave outdoor motion sensor not playing nice.

    Hi All.

    So I got this Stienel IS140-2 Z-wave as it's named. After inclution all is good, but after a while some hours (don't know exactly the time frame) the device stops reporting lux changes and motion alerts to homeseer. connection is fine and I'm able to change the setting of the internal relay from homeseer.

    Attached is a screendump of the home folder from homeseer showing that no motion and lux changes have been comming through for many days.

    I have been reading the manual, also attached, it spends a lot of effort on groups, I assume z-wave groups, but I can't find info on groups in homeseer help section, infact I can't even find the homeseer manual? Is there no homeseer manual, I thought I saw it at some point, but now I cant get back to it!? (Yes I have been looking high and low, I gues it's out there but I must have missed it.) Anyway, I see most device manuals going on about these groups, like group 1 lifeline, group 2 this and that max 6 devices. What's it all about?

    The manual also spend a lot of effort on endpoints, could you point me to information about endpoints, it's not a term I have seen before in the Z-wave world, but I'm new and may not have been reading in the right places.

    Anyway, I would love your input on getting motion detections and lux readings back on a more permanent manor. Oh, I forgot to say, that doing a power cycle of the unit brings it back to life for a few hours, before returning to this state.

    Thanks Kasper.

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    If power cycling makes it start working again, then I’d suspect an issue with the device itself. Have you contacted the manufacturer? Is the firmware updateable?
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