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iPad for Media Room what would you do?

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    iPad for Media Room what would you do?

    I'm buying a new house and shifting from HS3 to HS4 ( wow what luck in timing) I currently have a Pronto 9800 controlling my theater equipment .

    The house will have a dedicated Theater Room. I want to shift to iPads to make it WAF approved.

    Can folks in the community share what they have done with some screen shots to give me an idea of what apps and hardware you used?


    My new setup will have :

    Marantz receiver with Emotiva Amps for 7.1 or 9.2
    Blue Ray Player want to go to 4K hardware
    Cable box WAF loves football
    Plex server I'm not sure what the best arrangement to stream data. I'm about to rip my collection to a QNap NAS it will be remote from the room.

    Scene light controller vs Insteon/Zwave switches

    Room occupancy

    Cooling Fans

    equipment control ir emitters or network control



    Several years ago before the demise of dedicated remotes a website had an active community that posted screen shots of their setup to spark the imagination of the community and share cool ways to create amazing Media or Theater rooms. I'm hope to get feedback here to do something similar. It will be awesome to combine the home automation and Media control on a iPad.



    For 4K BR player consider an XBox One S or X, especially with BlackFriday around the corner, as they are overpowered on the CPU side, so they can handle whatever new BR protection mechanism gets added without being forced to buy a new player. And then you can always play a game as well if you see fit, or stream media as Plex is available in XBox store. You might want to consider an NVidia Shield though (new model launching this month) which is the ideal 4K streaming device with full Atmos support that can easily handle 100Mbps 4K ReMuxed media if you want to playback your 4K ripped/backed-up collection in 1-to-1 quality without risking damage to your optical media.

    Good choice on Marantz, use SR6011 for 7.1.4 myself with a cheap amp for two back Atmos channels.

    If you didn't get projector yet, I've got nothing but praise for Optoma models. On my 3rd model and going to upgrade to P1 once it drops below $2k for short-throw 4K Laser, but for now happily using the HD27HDR which is a 1080p HDR10 projector with 4K input compatibility. The only negative pointer I've got on it is that it is slow switching inputs.

    Watched Terminator:Salvation at the CineMark theater last week, and felt lower quality than watching a 4K Blue-Ray at home. Having access to cheap snacks, pause button, and not dealing with strangers making noise is also a plus

    For control app on iPad (or Android), consider ImperiHome, which does require an extra plugin to add HomeSeer compatibility, but it definitely takes all the complicated work out of trying to get HSPhone or HSDesigner to work --


      RosChess many thanks for sharing this gives me some things to consider.....

      Thanks for the input on the Optoma I was concerned about them or my lack of knowledge of their performance.

      Are most of your controls IR or wifi?

      This was a pretty good comparison of streaming devices. Makes me want to consider an Intel Nuc or Nvidia Shield over the Xbox..

      I have the Imperihome plugin for Hs3, just didn't see it controlling the media equipment... I seem to lack imagination when it comes to cool control screens on any device... I seem to lack the Artsy Fartsy gene to make control screens look amazing.



        My controls are combination of Bluetooth (Gaming controllers), RF (HTPC), CEC (HTPC, Roku, PS4Pro, XBox One, and NVidia Shield 2017 model), WiFi (Marantz), Ethernet (HTPC, NVidia Shield, Roku), and IR (Marantz, Optoma) as I haven't finished integrating everything yet at this new location. At old location it was nice, but plan to scale it up more.

        The XBox S or X suggestion was cheapest 4K optical medium player suggestion. If you're going to only stream then NVidia Shield is awesome, and be sure to get 2019 model. They come with Kodi, but supports Plex and much more. On my HTPC I rely on MediaPortal to give me more control. The Roku 4K Premiere+ is still my goto device for watching local TV channels, free Roku streams, Netflix, ESPN, and HBO (borrowing account access from friends and family).

        Optoma UHD60 was initially on my list, but Optoma CinemaX P1 laser is now the goal. Just not crazy enough to spend $3500 on it, so waiting for it to drop. Needed something to tie me over, hence the cheap HD27HDR which has awesome low latency to make it usable to play FPS games on. All devices are set to 4K output, but HDCP is a nightmare at times. Screens going purple or green at rare times when booting or switching sources (rare thankfully), but had interesting technical discussions with Marantz engineer and we got Hollywood to thank for that BS.

        Be sure to get proper cables. To run long 50' length of 4K/60+HDR from Marantz to Optoma projector I've had to use a fiber optic HDMI cable.

        All my other cables are cheap Amazon HDMI 4K+Ethernet ones as they are mainly 3', or 6', with 15' max and fine via copper.


          I loved Remotecentral!!!

          The top end harmony gets you close, and you can run the app on your iPad there is a plug-in as well to offer additional control.


            AVSForum has always been my go to place for 15+ years. Got lot of ideas on my home theater system watching Sandman's setup and how he created SMX.


              RoChess many thanks for the information. I hadn't considered the Fiber connection my run will easily be 50'..

              I really like the Nvidia Shield technology, I will probably go this route.

              Many thanks for the contributions...



                At lengths longer than 30 feet it is difficult to do 4K/60 with HDR with most regular HDMI cables. It's doable with repeaters, but fiber optic HDMI cables are a nice alternative.

                And yes, the NVidia Shield from 2015 is still top of the line streaming device due to being originally made as gaming console so CPU is massively overpowered for streaming usage which is why it's able to still survive. Let alone the 2017 model where 2019 one will get faster CPU and other upgrades.

                NVidia also keeps them nicely up-to-date for Android.

                Key obviously is good price, as I got mine last year on BF for $140 with free Alexa echo dot bundled.


                  It's sad to see the awesome remotes of Pronto and others are now gone.....

                  I started looking at the IOS app's and many are going out of business or don't have the features

                  Here is a short list of what I can find...

                  DIJIT UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL no longer available app pulled from iTunes
                  IRULE app no longer supported
                  REDEYE app no longer supported
                  ZMART v 3.2 two year old no update
                  UNIFIED REMOTE limited ability
                  HIPPO REMOTE LITE limited information
                  VLC REMOTE CONTROL
                  X BOX SMARTGLASS
                  ITUNES REMOTE

                  Imperihome has been suggested by RoChess ..... anyone else have any recommendation for iPad control of Theater equipment?

                  I want the ability to setup screens and control 15 IR devices . What are folks using on their iPads? or have you found a different remote?



                    Logitech has never abandoned their Harmony line of remotes, and they got some pretty advanced models. Even if it doesn't tie in directly with Z-Wave or Zigbee you should still be able to have a lot of programmable options, but somebody else using a Harmony remote with HomeSeer would have to explain all the options to you. They have always interested me, but I've always found a much cheaper alternative for my own usage so I never bothered.

                    The only 'real' remote I deal with myself is an old ATI Remote Wonder that I prefer to control HTPC with. Tried many modern alternatives, but I keep going back to that crappy old one as it is so freaking reliable and I can operate it by tactical-touch under a blanket during winter

                    HomeSeer control will eventually be fully LAN-voice-based via XAP800 mixer, with a few strategically placed 21" AIO touchscreens for master control and quick view on security camera feeds. My primary mobile device is usually on me and used for other tasks anyway such as checking e-mail or RDP-ing into servers for work (and HomeSeer NUC if needed). With ImperiHome plugin on sale at the moment I'll probably grab that as I can't see myself figuring out HSTouch/HSDesigner on short notice and on Vera3 network I had ImperiHome fully configured in under an hour to control everything.

                    Also keep in mind that you can get cheap BT-to-IR or WiFi-to-IR hubs, such as this one for $24 --

                    There are also Z-Wave devices that can transmit IR, such as the Remotec one that is available in a AV/TV/DVD/etc. version (ZXT-310) or one optimized for AirConditioner codes (ZXT-120/ZXT-600).

                    Combined with an IR-repeater to keep IR devices hidden inside cabinets you can also make it visually appealing.