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New User Here - If you were using HS for the first time what would you want to know?

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    New User Here - If you were using HS for the first time what would you want to know?

    Hi, I've just bought a new (1930's) home and as I'm renovating it I am planning on making it automated and will be buying everything from scratch.

    I have purchased HS3Pro but haven't installed it yet as I don't know if it will be easier to wait until HS4 is released than upgrading later.

    I was going to wait for Black Friday and make lots of purchases such as a low energy NUC to run HS from (Any recommendations welcome).

    Finding well-reviewed UK z- wave products is proving difficult. I spent ages choosing a Rockdoor I could add a Nuki lock to then find when it arrived it wasn't suitable.
    Whenever I search for Z-wave TRVs or thermostats Tado are top of every search, but they aren't compatible.

    Any advice on Z-wave products or brands which are easy to purchase (and reliable) in the UK who be greatly received.
    Reliability and function is more important for me rather than cheapness. I would rather spend more and buy once than buying inferior products which need replacing in 2 years.

    I'm excited about the possibilities I can achieve eventually automating my home but I want to start slowly and learn what to do properly.

    Thanks in advance



    For Zwave i use and like very much the dimmer from Fibaro, they are versatile and reliabe. I also like it very much the RGB module and roller shutter.

    I also advise taking a look at zigbee, it is getting better in reliability and the costs compared to zwave are much lower, about a quarter or a fifth lower.

    To start HSPro my advises is:

    - Take a look at the manual from HST;
    - EasyTrigger, must have;
    - See Randy's great tips:

    There's a whole world in HSPro, so my advice is to do as you say ... start slow


      UK/EU Z-Wave has been a bit of a rocky road over the years...I was a late Z-Wave adopter (2015) compared to others and probably had less pain than those who rode the path before me. There have been lots of variables that have caused issue, HomeSeers Z-Wave implementation, bad device firmware, lack of consistency between manufacturers and a poor certification regime.

      I don't have any TRV's or thermostats (I did a DIY thermostat which switched the boiler on a Z-Wave relay module and the temperature comes into HS from sensors, I don't need per room control) but generally I have had better experience with Fibaro and Qubino units (I also have some Chinese sensors that are probably dubious as to their certification). That said some of the modules are still not perfect and have a couple of issues.

      Best thing would probably be to buy a device, test it and if it works then go with it - historically HST may have fixed things in the HS Z-Wave plugin if you had a misbehaving device but over recent years that has happened less so I would not expect any support. As HST have had their Z-Wave plugin certified then providing you get a certified Z-Wave device it should work OK but there are still times when people are caught out.


        Thanks nunoary and mrhappy the event management tips were very useful.

        I was thinking about the Eurotronic Spirit as the TRV as they had good reviews, but using the sensors to monitor the room temps might be a better idea.

        Thanks again


          If Amazon is so boring to search start here : . I have not used any of the Fibaro units on there so go slow! it's like a candy shop And if you were to use DIN RAIL modules you should consider Schineider Electric for their flush DIN Rail mounts : For signal passthrough. They come in all sizes and some are colour coded to match the themes in your rooms.

          These guys here : are good at explaining stuff.

          LattePanda Alpa 864s : That's for scratching your head and think! what the........................

          For much of the know how, YouTube and the Web is the playground.

          Now, like everyone says go slow! It's a crazy, expensive and addictive hobby!


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