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Can one Ikea switch and ikea light work without Conbee/homseer online?

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    Can one Ikea switch and ikea light work without Conbee/homseer online?

    I tried to get answer on this question on conbee github before I purchase conbee, but I am not able to get a definitive yes or no.
    Has anyone manage to make ikea trådfri lights switch to work with ikea trådfri light even when Conbee/homseer system is offline?

    So basically if my homeseer/conbee is offline, lights should working fine when using the switches from ikea, as they do today with ikea gateway.
    Once homeseer is online I should be able to see their status and control them using automation.

    I am today using zigbee2mqtt but I would like to switch to conbee because of the performance and ease of use. However on zigbee2mqtt I have never been able to successfully pair one ikea tradfri switch with one or more lights so that they work without the conbee/homeseer system online.

    Closest I got to this scenario is to pair switch directly but then I can only control the light and no get it state in the homeseer.

    All our main lights are from ikea and we want them to work all the time for best possible waf, even when my homeassistant pc is down. I read somewhere online that this is possible (I cannot find link now) but I've seen some github issues describing that this is not quite working yet.

    Anyone has first hand experience with this?

    Did you ever find out if it's possible? I'm having the exact same issues.

    Want to make sure that if my software/home-automation-hardware is down that I can still control my lamps.


      A Zigbee remote control can only connect to one coordinator. This can be ConBee, or a light. This part of the concept of Zigbee.
      If Homeseer goes down, you can use the switch configurator of Phoscon to quickly reroute the functioning of a remote.
      if Phoscon is down as well (e.g. you have the ConBee stick connected to the Homeseer machine and it is the hardware failing) you will have to reconnect the remote to the lights directly. This is an quick and easy process, but make sure you have the description somewhere on a known place if this happens on unplanned moments.

      -- Wim

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        DJF3 yes I can confirm this working with Ikea devices (I do use both ikea switches and ikea lights)
        I have now 6 lights in 4 groups, with 4 switches and they all work when I turn off my server and unplug ConBee stick. Perhaps when mixing hardware you need workarounds, but I went all Ikea just because of this reason as this is critical both to me and others in the house.
        And with phoscon/deconz/conbee (I do not know which is which) this is very easy to do, even with the JowiHue plugin, you just assign the light to the group light-switch has created and it just works*
        So what I understood is that switches crate groups, then you assign lights to those groups, and then all works fine both offline and online, except that some of my switches have lost left/right control for white balance, at least they do not work when system is down. To be honest we never once used these buttons in several years, so we do not miss this at all. I think you can assign them to do something when controller is up and running, but I never bothered.

        *all works fine however I had some bug where I had to do some workarounds manually via api, but that happened only with one switch. I wrote issue on github and pretty much got the reply that it is almost impossible to fix it, workaround is even stated in the manual, but after smal fix all switches worked fine so... your mileage might wary.
        Conbee also updated all ikea lights and switches over the air once I downloaded latest firmware manually (I had to do it manually because I am using docker, and it gets recreated often so... do a bit of research, but this is not critical for me)