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MyHS Login / Office 365 SMTP

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    MyHS Login / Office 365 SMTP

    I am very new to HomeSeer & trying to figure out a few things. Please point me in the right direction as I am more than capable of reading documentation that will help me figure this out.

    I am having a terrible time figuring out how I'm getting authenticated on HS3 & the HomeSeer Mobile.
    I have created an account for MyHS service but how does this help with the account I setup for other users.

    This works for my 1 MyHS account but what do I do if I want other accounts to work remotely (outside of my local subnet)?

    What's the difference between HomeSeer Mobile & HSTouch?

    When I login to I select Access System sometimes I am logged in as one of my Normal users & when I select Tools/Log Out it just logs me back in as the same user.... I never get prompted to login. Authentication just seems mysterious.


    It looks like HS3 doesn't support STARTTLS. Is this the case?
    I saw this in the HS3 log.
    Dec-09 6:12:52 PM Error Exception sending email via (, cc:, bcc:, Sub:HomeSeer, Attach = Authenticate as SSL client failed. You might be connecting to non SSL port.
    I can configure SMTP email to work with Office 365 directly in the Camera interface but it fails through HS3

    Click image for larger version

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    Sorry to be such a newbie. I'm just really struggling with the basics here. I have an existing Z-Wave network on a Vera controller & I'm trying to port it over the HomeSeer.
    Nothing fancy just a few door locks, motion, lights & thermostats.


    HS Touch is an older product, typically you build a custom interface for android devices using HS Touch designer, then push that to various clients. When I say older, the introduction video for HS Touch on YouTube was posted 8 years ago. AFAIK the communication channel from the HS Touch client to the HS server isn't properly encrypted, something like the initial authentication is but then subsequent commands aren't or something. I don't think Touch is something you should use outside the home unless you're connected in via a VPN.

    HS Mobile is a much newer product (released in the last 12 months I think?) intended to provide a more intuitive modern experience that users have come to expect in the era of Alexa, Hue and other mobile first apps. You build dashboards on the device itself to suit personal use and it's pretty simple to do so, but the visual customisation is ultimately limited compared to touch.

    As to your email issue, possibly it's trying to perform straight SSL submission, rather than negotiating? (STARTTLS begins in plain then moves to encrypted if it can be successfully negotiated).

    You could try port 465 maybe, the SSL submission port for SMTP.


      scottpack, did you get this working? I'm faced with the same issue trying to submit email to and it looks like HS4 can't or isn't using STARTTLS against TCP:587 like it needs to for


        I ended up setting up a Rasberry Pi as a smtp gateway to O365. That was HS just sends a normal port 25 smtp message to the PI. My other devices also use it as a relay too. Has been working perfect for a couple of years