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Event triggers twice...

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    Event triggers twice...


    I am new to homeseer . just got it this black friday.

    Is there a bug - which causes events to fire twice?

    I had everything set up and had this error. I have now done a clean sweep and started a fresh installation an including of devices.

    But I have the same bug...

    I have only installed the zwave plugin and included one switch.
    I have created a dummy device to test if event fires twice.

    See screenshots:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.PNG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.PNG
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    This is pretty annoying and just want to know if it is a known bug or? I think I can do a work around but yeah I did not expect the software to have this kind of bug

    The only time I've seen something like this is when there is a delay in execution. It is not a frequent issue, but it does happen. You can prevent it by selecting a short time interval to not retrigger the event in the options.
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      Could you post a little more info about your system?

      What hardware for the controller and switches?

      If you go to Tools|About HomeSeer there is a section at the top that you can copy and paste into this post that contains info of the controller hardware and software. No need to post the detail report as that has info that you don't want to post in the public forum.

      If you go to Plugins|Z-Wave|Node Information you will see info on your Z-Wave nodes.

      You also can contact HomeSeer support since you have free 30 day phone support for new products. Or email support.


        I am using an Aeotec Gen5 Zwave Stick and my zwave switches is called ZDB5100.

        I did not know about the 30 day support... I think I will give that a try!