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HS Plugin for ACT TI103 still a bit buggy on Leviton Extended Dim commands

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    HS Plugin for ACT TI103 still a bit buggy on Leviton Extended Dim commands

    The HS ACT Ti 103 Plugin seems still a bit buggy to me.

    Having Lamp-modules that send back their current brightness level on a change is a great thing. - Especially so while using Leviton Extended format, because it can represent 64 levels.

    But here it comes the trouble:
    The plugin does not perform the processing of such commands all the time.
    (I use 1.0.15 and 1.0.18 as well, but both behave in the same way).

    Every time I send-out a command to a specific X10 device, it happens that afterwards an received update won't be processed.

    The lines below show an extract of my logfile fot that issue:

    The log shows that the received Leviton Extended Dim messages from the lamp module
    are processed perfectly until a command has been sent out. Then the following received Leviton Extended (e.g. Manually updated on the rocker of that dimmer) will be ignored.
    It is totally reproducible.

    28.09.2004 18:13:34~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]012431C1#
    28.09.2004 18:13:35~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 36 49
    28.09.2004 18:13:37~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]010431BF#
    28.09.2004 18:13:38~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 4 49
    28.09.2004 18:13:42~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]013E31D3#
    28.09.2004 18:13:42~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 62 49
    28.09.2004 18:13:57~!~Info~!~Control device from web B1 (Office ceiling lamp) DIMBF 20
    28.09.2004 18:13:57~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: $>28001B[1]010D31C1#
    28.09.2004 18:13:57~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: cmd1
    28.09.2004 18:14:01~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]010131BC#
    28.09.2004 18:14:05~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]013731C5#
    28.09.2004 18:14:06~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 55 49
    28.09.2004 18:14:09~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]010E31D0#
    28.09.2004 18:14:09~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 14 49
    28.09.2004 18:16:39~!~Info~!~Control device from web B1 (Office ceiling lamp) DIMBF 10
    28.09.2004 18:16:39~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: $>28001B[1]010631B3#
    28.09.2004 18:16:39~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: cmd1
    28.09.2004 18:16:43~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]011F31D2#
    28.09.2004 18:16:44~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]011231BE#
    28.09.2004 18:16:45~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 18 49
    28.09.2004 18:16:46~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]011F31D2#
    28.09.2004 18:16:46~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 31 49
    28.09.2004 18:16:48~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]010331BE#
    28.09.2004 18:16:48~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 3 49
    28.09.2004 18:16:51~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]013131BF#
    28.09.2004 18:16:51~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 49 49

    Another buggy issue is:
    (also concerning Leviton Extended Dim Commands)

    If I go on the webpage to Control Device and
    put in a DIM Command for a group of devices e.g.
    B1+B2+B2 etc.

    See what happens in the log:
    28.09.2004 18:34:51~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: $>28001B[1]011331B1#
    28.09.2004 18:34:51~!~Device control from menu~!~B01+B02 Bright 30%
    28.09.2004 18:34:52~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: cmd1
    28.09.2004 18:34:54~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: $>28001B[1]B021331F4#
    28.09.2004 18:34:54~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: cmd1

    CAN you see that in the second string there is an ERROR!
    it should be:

    There is simply an 'B' too much after the Bracket

    So folks, please check it!

    If you are convinced that the plug-in is where the problem lies, then the helpdesk is where all of this information should be posted. We cannot track problem reports issued here at the message board. When we can answer something here we will, but in this case it needs more investigation.

    The TI103 plug-in has been pretty extensively tested. The situation we have been finding lately is that the TI103 is too sensitive and sometimes reports signals that it thinks it hears, that did not really occur. This is a hardware issue and you can contact ACT regarding a fix or workaround for this if it proves to be that issue.

    The only way to find out however is to open a helpdesk ticket with this info and let us look into it further.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")



      You mention a fix or workaround for the TI103 from ACT. Do you have any further information about this or who in particular we should contact?



        Well, this may seem obvious, but I would start with ACT! If they determine that the unit can be modified to alleviate the situation, then they force the place you bought it from to be involved in the RMA process, but they have to first determine that there is a problem with the unit so they would be the starting point.

        Also, I may not have paid proper attention to the thread when I first posted that note because when it comes to Leviton Extended Data commands, the coupler-repeater can be involved in that as well. What type do you have?

        In my experience I generally find that if the ACT products are working properly, they handle the X-10 protocol more along the lines of how the protocol calls for - e.g. they adhere to it better than other manufacturers.

        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")



          Thanks for your repsonse on ACT, I just had not heard anything recently about the "too sensitive" or "ghost" signals problem. I did not mean to get this thread off topic, but along with several others have been seeing the Phantom/ghost signals problem for several years:



          I purchased the TI103 from Homeseer in 2002 and started seeing these phantom/ghost signals right away. They did not cause a problem until Feb/2004 when they started triggering events after a recent upgrade of Homeseer. I would be very interested to find out if they have a fix or correction for this. I know at one point there was a discussion of a newer version of the TI103, but I have not heard anything about it recently. I would be interested to hear if any other users have contacted ACT and how that turned out.



            Thanks for the replies!

            And yes, maybe this is not the right place to post this issue.
            But I thought it might be right here because I sent it at first to the "bug report" pages, without a response, yet.

            Well, I give it another try with a more detailed description of the problem, then
            it should be clear that it can't be associated
            with the 'phantom signal'/'ghost' signal reception issue.

            so long..