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Qubino secondary notification report

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    Qubino secondary notification report


    I have recently switched from Domoticz and am delighted with homeseer so far. I have zwave, heatmiser NEO, squeezeboxes everywhere and some zigbee stuff and everything works perfectly. The speed is much better too.
    Anyway I'll get to the point. I have loads of Qubino (GOAP) dimmers in my house and I use them with a rocker switch to dim and brighten lights and I also have another switch connected to the 3rd terminal to send a notification that can then activate an event. Unfortunately in Homeseer this notification report is only picked up if the button is held for a few seconds. So Homeseer is able to see this notification but not immediately. Is this a problem that I can fix. In domoticz you could get round this by associating group 8 (i3 sensor) with the gateway but that doesn't seem to be an option in Homeseer.

    Any help or ideas would be great please.

    I have finally worked out how to solve this issue. Its actually the same problem that I had on some other device. Basically there is a checkbox in the device settings that is marked " Do not update device last change time if device value does not change:". Once I unticked this checkbox everything was fine.

    Sometimes the simplest things aren't the most obvious.

    I hope that helps