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Yale Doorman V2 and Homeseer

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  • Yale Doorman V2 and Homeseer


    I have just recently fitted a Yale Doorman V2 smart lock which is a Nordic version for Yale Conexis L1 in UK. I'm right now wondering how to connect it to Homeseer. I have found 3 different expansion modules to connect the lock to various phone apps: Z-wave module, Verisure module and Yale Smart Home.

    Z-wave module is not officially supported but I have seen some discussions in Nordic forums claiming that it should be possible to get the Z-wave module working but you would need to unlock the firmware somehow and I haven't found any information how to do this so Z-wave is not the way to pursue.

    I have been looking at the Verisure plugin but it seems to be somewhat limited, e.g. you can't read/modify the access codes. Basically you can read the status of the lock and open/close it. Another problem is that you are bound to Verisure company. Only pro is that the expansion module is much cheaper than the Yale Smart Home hub.

    Third option could be Yale Smart Home hub which is the European version for August. This hub is officially supported but it is more expensive than the Verisure hub. I wonder whether there is any Homeseer support for this Yale Smart Home hub.

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    To connect Yale Doorman to HomeSeer, you need to have the Verisure SmartLock Box that includes the Verisure VBox Micro and Verisure SmartLock Module. To use this module you do not need to have an alarm from Verisure and the use of this SmartLock does not have a running cost. This solution is tested in Norway, but will probably also work in Sweden and Denmark because Verisure also offers the SmartLock Box in these countries as well.


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      Thanks Lewis-H. I know the Verisure plugin but it's not clear to me whether it still works. See e.g. discussion


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        Like any modern system Verisure does have an API for control and reports. Like most modern systems they do hide their API so that they lock the user in their own ecosystem. All they do is pushing their own app that talks to their secret API hoping that their app will take the world over. As it happens quite often some friendly hackers do hack and publish the API. In 5 min. Google search I found traces of it but didn't have the time for more thorough research. If you find the API than integration with HomeSeer is easy using Big5 plug-in that is made specifically to handle APIs. Good luck.


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          risquare, thanks a lot for the info. API for Verisure should be available because there is a plugin.