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Camera doorbell suggestion / compatible with hs

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    Originally posted by jmaddox View Post

    I have 3 reasons; 1) there a large blurred area has developed in the middle of the image; at least one other person on the HS forums has also experienced this. 2) the image quality is VGA. 3) my experience is that the connection to the app is slow, and at a rough guess I'd say I have a 50% chance of it being usable/working remotely.
    1 Yup that was me
    2 It was good 4 years ago. Times has changed...
    3 Agree, but I live in The Netherlands (next to Germany) and have similar connection issues. So there is more to it than just distance...

    That is why I also cannot recommend the Doorbird, and also looking for alternatives. I really love the Eufy, except that is (still) lacks RTSP. I really need HDR which limits my options (due to the lighting conditions at my door) so open for alternative suggestions.



      I like the idea of HDR, thanks for that suggestion/complication! lol
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        Hey guys, I ended up getting the Dahua VTO

        Happy with specs video/audio is pretty good. The gDMSS for video messages is crap. It's good for live calls.

        Since the gDMSS app is not that great for viewing video messages I'd like to get HS to trigger Blueiris to record on bell press.

        Want to get the VTO to send doorbell press to HS. Looks like it can be done via the API and MQTT but not sure where to start.

        This guy got it done with Home assistant with the available plugins a few devs had done. How hard would this be for HS?

        Sorry I've posted in other channels just not sure if the right people might see my post.



          So, how does this thing actually work as a doorbell in combination with Homeseer?.. I read through the whole thread, and seems like every commenter is assessing this simply as an IP camera, which it sounds like works great. But can I use the actual doorbell button to trigger events?