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Looking for new z-wave controller

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    Looking for new z-wave controller

    This is my first post here and it is about me looking for a new z-wave controller.
    I know this is a HomeSeer forum but I would kindly ask your honest opinion.

    So far, I have used the following controller in this order:
    1. Fibaro Home center 2
    2. Domoticz
    3. OpenHAB
    4. Zipabox 2

    At the moment I am using the Zipabox 2 from Zipato and it absolutely the worst controller I have ever used.
    The hardware is really good but the SOFTWARE is just a big piece of s*it.

    I don't mind a cloud based solution as long as it is STABLE and get bugfixes regularly. However, Zipato doesn't do that at all anymore.

    What i want is a system that accepts devices from a lot of different manufacturers, is stable, well behaved and once it set up, I can forget about it.
    And i want a WEB or computer based interface to do the configuration that allows me to do a lot of customization.
    I don't mind if it is complicated, I am sure can learn.

    So my question is to all you HomeSeer users is if you think that HomeSeer will fulfill my needs:
    1. WEB or computer-based interface for configuration
    2. Stable once it is up and running
    3. I can forget about is once it is set up


    1. I use my browser to configure HS3.
    2. I have HomeSeer setup on a laptop. Its been running well over a year without any issues.
    3. I very rarely mess with HomeSeer. About the only time I do is to add a device or to create another event.

    I came to Homeseer about 2 years ago from Vera. I have been very happy with HomeSeer. I guess my only complaint is the Plugins can really add up if you need a lot. At least you can buy over time. I have bought three so far and there is probably 3 more I would like to get. I have a small setup of about 25 devices and 30 or so events.


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