Just thought I'd Post a success story incase anyone is looking for a similar solution.

I run my Homeserver server as a VM in vSphere, and had used the Z-Stick I already had before in usb path through mode but I wanted the ability to vMotion between the ESXI hosts as well as Have DRS moved it in the even of a failure to keep it running.

I already having a Z Stick and thinking the Z Net is way over priced for what is a Raspberry PI with a Z wave radio and some software to allow an API to it. Plus a Network USB server is more versatile if I ever need it of something else.

I got the Siig ID-DS0611-S1 and It has been working great with homeseer. Startech has a USB1000IP as well that is using the same firmware and software system for the USB Server. both of these have pretty dismal reviews on amazon due to their earlier firmware's but the problems have been corrected in the later versions (I still had to update mine when i got mine, I got mine off eBay for $20).

If you are looking to spend a little more money the Anywhere USB Plus by Digi is the industry standard but will set you back about $350 for the entry level 2 port model. SEH makes the USB DongleServer as well.