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Never had to use a backup - Until Today!!!!

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    Never had to use a backup - Until Today!!!!

    Just sharing a story.

    Having a whole house generator installed today, and forgot to shut down my PC with HS3 on it before hand. This is not an unusual occurance however, with the power issues we are solving with the generator... and it's never been an issue. Until today

    Powered everything back up, and while HS3 ran, so did the HSspeaker app, which i never had set to come up at boot up. Then noticed that while my PIs were all there, not on of them (~10) were running.

    Saw DB errors in the log, and figured the bad shutdown was the cause.

    Lo and behold, i've been using BLBackup for years, but never had to actually use a backup. Pulled a copy over, and saved on top of the HS3 directory, and boom, all as it should be.


    Take this as a warning to anyone not running backups!!!

    That's impressive to go this long without seeing this, I've. corrupted many a HS db's.

    From my perspective it's quite fragile.

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      it's funny how you forget things. i have a shutdown script that if the UPS battery gets to less than 15% it shuts down HS. I forgot that and just hard stopped the PC. oops.


        Seems a usefull ups then