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Controlling LED Tape Lights with Homeseer

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    I found 5 on Walmart’s site. Sorry, but I believe that was the last 5 they had.


      Originally posted by gelessor View Post
      I found 5 on Walmart’s site. Sorry, but I believe that was the last 5 they had.
      I also found some at Check them out if you're still interested.


        Just a quick pop-in to give an update on my recent foray into this arena. I found after an exhaustive search, this product on amazon:

        The nice thing about this vendor is that he will customize it with various lengths and connectors. So I sent a picture of '20 ft of led, 2 ft of connector, 20 ft of LED....' and they were custom assembled for me:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	221010-1 (3).jpg
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ID:	1573341And all of the connections are solid waterproof barrel 5 pin connectors so no soldering or hard to make corners.

        Then came the controller issue. The vendor was able to supply on request a WiFi based Tuya compatible controller that supported RGBW. Works with the Tuya plug in just fine. Some limitations on Scene / Mode setup but the small remote worked just fine so you could set up (and edit - very important) the animated scenes and then invoke them from HS4. If the cloud based Tuya interface is down, the small controller or the Smartphone Smart Life application will still work locally.

        I also tried the Zooz RGBW interface. Very nice device. Unlike the supplied controller, it allows full control of RGB AND W simultaneously ... but the ability to animate scenes is not there. If you are doing mood lighting for say a home theater, it is perfect. But for outside display this is a show-stopper. I am using these and want to be able to present a holiday display -- white/orange for Halloween, red/green for Xmas, red/white/blue for July 4th etc. Easy to do with the Smartphone app and then trigger by HS4. Impossible without serious Z-wave traffic on the Zooz to have the animation by HS4 events.

        Hope this helps folks -- glad to discuss further -- and gladly take further suggestions too...